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Lipsticks sexual meaning

Posted August 11 2020

ince it first made its mark, lipstick has travelled a long and colourful path to the present day. Cosmetics were extremely unfashionable among the Victorians. Queen Victoria publicly declared makeup “impolite,” and makeup became socially unacceptable for everyone bar prostitutes and actresses. (Lucky for me).

Crude, but apparently true. Anthropologists believe that red lips serve as a reminder of the labia, which “flush red and swell when they’re aroused.” (Too much information?)

In more recent years, lips are almost always decorated in shades of pink or red and then topped off with a finishing layer of gloss “to make them look shiny and moist.” No need to clarify what I am getting at there.

In which case, when you apply either red lipstick or lip gloss (and especially if you apply both) what you’re actually subconsciously trying to do is emulate your own physical state of sexual arousal. Goodness me.

So basically the purpose of wearing red lipstick and/or lipgloss is to increase sex appeal. Hard to deny that one. Take a look at some pictures, and you’ll see that a strong element of each woman’s sexual allure is, indeed, a result of the bright lipstick she’s wearing.

Having said that, lipstick hasn’t always been used purely for sexual purposes mostly it has. It’s all in the lips.

Kristina J Lipstick speaks louder than words let me stick some lips on you xx

Hot and handy tools

Posted August 01 2020

Some people like to push the envelope if that is you we have plenty of exciting things in store. So lets get playing with props you kinky lot.

Guaranteed Penis Propper

If you droop do not worry about it I have ways!! I have dealt with this many times. A cock ring usually does the trick and keep your John Thomas firmly in place, I also have one with a built in vibrator so we can gyrate together.

Hot and Handy tools (not yours)

The Vibrator I can turn my scream machine into a sex toy for two we slip it in between our bodies so it rests against your pleasure switch (penis) you will feel the vibrations and you and I will soon be pulsating with pleasure

Even the hottest escorts can use some fresh creative ways to keep lust scorching and get ready to lay on a red hot good lovin time I invite you to join me.

Do you think the guy who invented the vibrator heard voices saying if you build it they will come!!

Kristina J Your pleasure is my pleasure COME!! and visit me, SEX is like money you cannot get enough xx


Posted July 28 2020

Hi all great to be back hope it lasts, who knows enjoy the moments when we can.

For some people the holiday season is a time of bliss, setting the perfect mood for sexy times. For others, it’s full of grief, anxiety, and sadness, and less than ideal. Whatever the holidays mean to you, know that there are ways to find freedom in pleasure no matter where you are.

What transpired one evening on holiday I will never forget, and the next morning too, it was beautiful and multi-orgasmic for the both of us. It was a free and open space of physical pleasure and exploration. It was completely physical and free of any deeper emotion. I danced in both my masculine and feminine energies, I felt free enough to step fully into my feminine energy which is not always possible with certain female lovers and he was also completely unafraid of stepping into his own sensual feminine energy.

There was a lot of playing and teasing and rolling around and talking dirty and also a lot that did not involve penetration at all.

The experience I had was exhilarating and liberating and the next day we both went our separate ways without any desire of wanting to stay in contact or be in each other’s lives at all. I had the memories.

Kristina J Get it where you can I am here for you xxx

The subject of age limits comes up a lot so I just feel to clear my thoughts on this and put it out there so to speak..

Let’s start with a lower age limit which I set at 21 I am not really interested in seeing anyone under this age limit as it’s just not for me I don’t find teenagers attractive at all. I am more into to intellectual maturity than anything else so for this reason the lower age limit of 21 feels right for me.

More interestingly is the upper age limit and with this I don’t have one. Often people say to me I feel too old for you I can assure you that you are not. Maturity is something that I like and I have had many clients into their 80’s who have being so much fun and very young at heart. I often feel quite gobsmacked when gentlemen tell me their age and I surprised as so many people are like a good whisky maturing wonderfully with age.

So the range is very wide from 21 upwards which means there is no such thing as being too old. What I am really looking for is regardless of age and looks is positive sexual attitudes and someone who values mutual trust and respect. The invitation to visit is open to all Gentlemen over 21 who want to spend a mutually engaging time with a sensual lady and have some fun and laughs along the way. For some people they visit me to explore hidden desires, others visit me as they have a basic human need to share sensual touch and be held and hold another ad others visit me to try something new or learn about their own sexuality and sexual preferences..

Whatever your reason to visit you are very welcome if you are over 21 so please don’t say I feel too old for you as these are your words brought about by your own inner critic not mine. My worlds are you are very welcome please do come and visit me and let’s have some fun.

Kisses Kristina J Huddersfield Escort x