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I don’t do Bareback

Posted February 24 2021

Hello thereI

I don’t usually comment on things I read about in forums about me but this vile post was brought to my attention recently is on a forum that caters for bareback punting. While I believe everyone has a choice to enter in to agreements consciously and if ladies choose to offer it that is there own personal choice. However it is not for me and I have made it very clear over the years I won’t participate in BB and anyone asking for it will immediately be on my black list. To be very clear I do not want to see anyone who is actively participating in BB sex.

The piece below really outraged me and also saddened. This is how the author boasts about his ability to use ‘lingual persuasion and the use of ethos, pathos and logos combined with a wallet fill of 20’s usually gets the job done’. The reason it outraged me is that this person is in effect not respecting and pushing boundaries of sex workers who are very sadly not skilled in up holding their boundaries and will succumb to pressure. It would be different if he was seeking services from someone offering BB, I would not be outraged by this as there is a conscious consensual agreement and no one is being coerced. Some of you may think that’s the issue of the women or men offering sex work, but I would disagree as in this job and I can speak to this, certain individuals will put on huge amounts of pressure if you let them and I can see how it would be easier to give in to them. We must remember that the act of coercion is a persecutor action and as such will create a victim. There are also many women and men doing this work for one reason or another who are very vulnerable. It angers me that this person boasts abut his ability to push boundaries and saddens me that there are sex workers out there who fall victim to this. It also highlights the importance of boundary and consent training for all sex workers and how to say and uphold your no and again it saddens me that not everyone has access to that.

This person clearly has no respect fo the people he is interacting with and is pursuing his own selfish sexual gratification without the thought or care for the other. In my mind this is not conscious behaviour and is extremely selfish behaviour not to mention it could be scarring and cause a long term mental and physical effect on the ladies he had coerced to do something that they did not want to in the first place.

At the end he comments that I am too plugged in for any of it, and he is correct I am way too switched on for any of this and not only will I uphold and maintain my boundaries and not be pushed with money or coercion I am also very able to see through the bullshit, selfishness and strategies some people use to get their needs met. It really amazes me that some people think they have the fee in their pocket then they have entitlement. It really does not work that way for me. Many times I have been offered extra money for BB sex or to work when I was off that’s usually the big one now days but I am in a position where that carries no weight and the fee I ask is what I charge and anyone offering more for things I don’t do or to see me when I am not working are going to make my every growing black list . I have come to realise that the more people I say no to and that make my black list then this opens up more space for the genuine and respectful people who I want to spend my time with. Its that old saying of let go of what no longer serves you and this creates space for what you want.

If there are any sex workers out there that would like to connect with me in regard to boundary and consent training my door is always open.

Kristina J Huddersfield Escort

Kristina J Huddersfield Escort update

Posted February 24 2021

Hello sexy readers.

How are you today? I thought it would take some time to write a little blog in anticipation of my return next month. I will updating my website with my dates on Monday 1stMarch and I am very much looking forward to getting back to normal again, or at least I hope to get back to normal whatever that may be.

Some of you have messaged recently to see how I am, thank you for your thoughts it is much appreciated. I am actually very well and I have been enjoying lots of walking and fresh air, some good food, yes I have learned to cook, and lots of warm baths and early nights. I have also been really into some pretty intense learning as I am currently doing two courses online with one course ending and another one beginning. Anyone who knows me will know how much I love to learn and to add value to what I do as well as knowledge about what I am doing. I find it really makes a difference to be able to do this and adds a depth to your time with me to make it extra special. Any way I am really enjoying the learning and getting a lot out of it.

Back to a few things to look forward to, I have booked myself a photos hoot in May so there will be new photos coming, which is always exciting and I have been putting together my photo shoot outfits so bought a few new items of lovely lingerie. It always helps to have something to look forward with so many plans dashed last year it’s nice to have a few little treats lined up.

I had all my training in Australia cancelled last year and I am not expecting to get there before next year now, which in a way is frustrating as I will be two years behind. On the other hand it’s good that I will be here a lot more this year. Make the most of it as next year I can see that I will be catching up on travel and learning.

I am hoping towards the end of summer to be able to offer some tours again I am really dying to get back to Bristol and Newcastle for a week or so and it would be really lovely to connect with my lovely visitors there who I have missed so much.

I have been thinking a lot recently about how when the restrictions are lifted how over whelming it will be to be in a crowd of people. I went to the gym once after the first lockdown and there were about 50 people in there it just felt a bit too much. I am sure I am not the only one thinking this after been closeted away for so long in my own space, going back into crowds will be difficult.

Any way enough for now I am very much looking forward to resuming some fun and laughter and some naughty times together.

Kisses Kristina J Huddersfield Escort xx

Every picture tells a story

Posted February 21 2021

Hi friends and companions or whatever we call ourselves these days. Stay safe as I am looking forward to seeing you soon .

I always take care of my photos and want to look my best (of course ). Although I do not use Fabian Perez, he is a painter but his paintings are rather special. It is imagery from his past that he draws from in his painting, his father his inspiration. He is the cool guy outside the nightclubs and bordellos in Fabian’s images. And the women are his memories of those he saw at his father’s brothels and nightclubs—their somber mood, brooding thoughts and intense sensuality emanating from his canvases. If you have time look him up and see his work. I love his paintings they emulate sexiness.

Fabian says I am constantly fighting for a more romantic world, one where the woman and the man have defined roles and power isn’t always the goal.” Pausing, he says, “I would like to say that it is not important what you have, but how you enjoy it.”

Born in 1967 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fabian had a difficult childhood. His father owned bordellos and nightclubs that were illegal. He also was a gambler. To this day, Fabian remembers the police coming to their home looking for his father who would try to escape through the back door.

Meanwhile, Fabian’s mother, who was artistic herself, encouraged her son to develop his aptitude for art. From an early age he loved to draw and she would proudly display these endeavors. As a young adult, he did decide to take a few art courses to learn more about the true craft of drawing and painting, but it was never formal training.

The scenes from his youth in Argentina reflect a time that, in his view, is more romantic than the present day. “A time when the man would take pride in shaving or simply fixing his tie. And the woman would follow a routine of slow and sensual movements, seducing a man just by lighting a cigarette.”

Kristina J. There are many ways to seduce a man let me try some on you xx

Stupid Cupid

Posted February 14 2021

Hi all you romantic souls and those Valentine haters and there are a few who think Valentines is a bit of a rip off (its Cupid’s fault) but what the heck I enjoy it anyway

The stupid little cherub that graces Valentine cards and shoots people with his arrows of love that leave hearts bleeding in the end.

  1. It was Cupid’s hand! I had no choice!
  2. Don’t you know Cupid rhymes with ‘stupid’?
  3. Cupid made me fall in love then made him take my car my house and my money, thanks cupid you can go suck a dick.

If you’re trying to figure out what to do on Valentine’s Day, just know that there are no rules: It’s a new era, and you can celebrate the day of love however you want, even if it’s just through self-love. A nice dinner out, going to the movies, cooking a fancy meal at home, getting down and dirty are also great ways to celebrate; whatever you do enjoy. I know how to enjoy myself and I can show you how to enjoy yourself.

Kristina-J x