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Something Fishy

Posted January 17 2021

Guys Hope you are staying safe. Winter Willie Warmers on its cold. When you are hot you are hot but when you are not I have ways to make you hot.

Ah, tights. Yes, yes, yes. They cover my bottom in a nice peachy way and mean I can wear a skirt as short as a London taxi driver’s temper. Tights are just what they say they are far more body hugging than knee dimpling stockings. And, with a single whisk, they come off in one.

Fishnet has been around forever! No longer confined to adorning the legs of ‘adventurous’ stocking wearers, it is now one of the most versatile and ultimately sexy fabrics, to be found in the lingerie drawer of many a lingerie lover, me being one of them.

Fishnet’s Erotic Roots

Fishnet has a long and vague history. Depending on your age, you may think that Madonna was the first to wear it. Or your first recollection of fishnet stockings may be from the Rocky Horror picture show! I personally think back to the time of pin ups and burlesque stars such as Gypsy Rose Lee, Bettie Page and Jayne Mansfield. Certainly, fishnet stockings have always had erotic associations many of my male friends love fishnets!!

Thankfully as time and fashion has progressed; fishnet is now used in many garments. It is not limited to stockings and tights any more than it is limited to strippers, burlesque and drag queens. The fish net look isn’t the only a way to make an outfit look sexy. But going back to it’s original roots of being something favoured by women who worked in the businesses that had to do with turning men on; fishnet stockings and other such goodies are still a great way to get a man to notice and really get his pulse racing! There is just something über-hot about fishnet tights or stockings. Even more so these days thanks to spandex and lycra making them fit even better over every curve! Your welcome to come and check out the curves.

Kristina J Remember Stockings or tights are nothing without the shoes, Always a pleasure with or without Tights xx

Lucky First Footing

Posted January 10 2021


Hi everyone, I would like to wish you a happy hopeful healthy New Year for all.

I do not know if anyone has heard of First footing it is something you only do at New Years Eve I believe its a North East thing.

I have a weird friend from Newcastle and she swears this brings her luck if done properly. She went out with her girlies New Years Eve placing the piece of coal outside her front door The first man after Midnight to enter the house bringing in good luck is the first-footer a dark-haired male (I like the sound of that) who arrives bearing a coin, lump of coal, piece of bread and a drink (which would be whisky, in an ideal world). These items are said to represent financial prosperity, warmth, food and good cheer. My friend only does the coal as she is usually drunk anyway from drinking too much Whiskey, she would not mind the coins but she had already spent her money on the Whiskey!! And you know what you can do with a piece of old stale bread, she said, she would rather eat shit, I could arrange that but I am sure then she would beg for the piece of stale bread.

My lovely Geordie friend rang me New Year’s Day telling me a tall dark handsome stranger (she thought) who was drop dead gorgeous (she thought) rang her doorbell after midnight and brought in the lucky piece of coal, all fine so far, she proceeded to put on her sexy act and ended up in (you know where) bed.

When she awoke the next day the Gorgeous (she thought) First footer who looked like George Clooney the night before was a dead ringer for George Formby she had to get him out quick before her real boyfriend arrived. One problem on her mind where had the boyfriend been all night??? when he arrived covered in lipstick and no trousers!! His underwear was in a bit of a state as well as him!! He is now the Ex boyfriend and she does not do First Footing anymore!!!

Kristina J. I Will never be first footing Sorry only a picture of the Whiskey she was a bit worried where the piece of coal ended up (any ideas) xxx

Timekeeping and Timewasters

Posted January 04 2021

​Hello Lovely visitors

This blog is written for the minority, I know some of you regular visitors will struggle to understand the rudeness of people but spend a few days in my shoes and you would be shocked.

So I am just putting this out there to avoid any confusion this year and also as I am becoming increasingly busy professionally, privately and with other projects it is important that I value my time and I ask the same common curtesy of anyone planning a visit. I know you would think it is not too much to ask but unfortunately for some it is.


If you have a booking please try to stick to the booked time as much as possible. If you are running late please do not take it that I will be able to extend the appointment as, as much as I would like to its very rare that I am able to without impacting on my rest time in between which is important to refresh and get ready and other people. Also in the same respect if yplease don’t arrive 15 minutes early for your pre booked appointment expecting me to be ready. I have had people arrive 30 minutes early and complain that I am not ready. If you do arrive early it is perfect acceptable to text me to let me know you are early and if I am ready then I will happy see you early or with notice I will do my best to get ready early where I can.

You can just imagine the chaos that is caused by someone running 15 minutes late followed by someone running 20 minute early. If by chance you are running late please do tell me as if you more than 15 minutes late and not had the curtesy to let me know then please take it the your appointment will be cancelled and all future appointments will require a deposit.

If I am running late I wil tell you as soon as I know but generally I run on time as much as possible as I don’t like to be late and value your time as much as value my own time.


No Shows

If you have an appointment and go through the confirmation process and very rudely don’t show then I will mark you down as a time waster. As such any appointments you wish to book in the future, and yes you would be surprised how many do. I will require a deposit and you will loose any offers of discounted booking fees. To be fair I get very few people that are so rude and just don’t show up but I do get them from time to time and in all honesty if you are a time waster I really don’t want you wasting my time.

Do not confirm on the day

For those that have made an advance booking and not confirmed on the day by 10am when I send the confirmation text at 8am the morning of the booking then I also mark these people as booked an appointment and did not confirm on the day. For these people I won’t offer pre booked appointments again just same day bookings as again I don’t want my diary full of people who are not going to confirm on the day as these take up appointments that genuine visitors may have liked to book.

I am trying to free up enough time for my genuine visitors and the more of the time wasters that I weed out the more that enables genuine bookings which given my availability in the last few months is what the genuine valued people out there want.

If you have an appointment and you need to cancel it just let me know, that is all I ask which I know is not a lot but you would be surprised for some that is just too much.

Any way on a positive note I am very much looking forward to spending my time with values and genuine visitors and having some much needed fun.

Kisses Kristina J Huddersfield Escort xx

Chocolate Fever

Posted January 02 2021

Hi Guys hope you all had a great New Year and looking forward to some fun 2021 style.

I want to thank you for my gifts of perfume, lingerie (which I will enjoy wearing). I actually received some very expensive chocolates which were delicious (still have some left). I had to put a hold on eating them all at once as I need to think about keeping this body of mine in shape.

I Have joined the gym and have a personal trainer just for a few sessions, when the chocolates are finished the gym will be a lot less. Next thing what to wear for the gym as I like to look good wherever I go.

Kristina J My Motto train like a beast look like a beauty xx