A is for anal play
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A is for anal play

Anal play a favourite for many and unknown territory to others and for some of no interest.

A is for anal play and I appreciate it is not for everyone but for those who have explored it most have found intense pleasure. Like everything else there can be so many connotations wrapped around anal play which can for some serve as a barrier to exploring. Anal play is not all about domination, it is about what you want to to be about, pleasure, sensation, intensity. Like any act anal play is just an act until you put context around it and the context is decided by you.

So for those that want to explore slowly the delights of the male G spot also known as the prostate with slow sensual, conscious touch its a great way to enjoy the multitudes of pleasure which can be found in this area.

For others its about domination and submission or power and surrender and that is also good all we do is take the act of anal play and put some context around it to make it domination and submission.

In regards to anal toys I have a huge range to play with and explore together everything form my gentle finger to anal butt plugs some beautiful glass but plus, dildos, strap ons and e stim toys all used in my capable hands.

It really is about meeting you where you are and opening up possibilities with someone who is skilled and capable to take you into new territories of pleasure and sensation or domination and submission and for those that have no interest in anal play don't worry there are plenty other things to explore in my never ending labyrinth of play opportunities.

So with that what is B for……

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