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A tricky subject - deposits…...

Posted April 09 2019

Ooo what a tough topic in the escort industry. I am sorry to say that due to the amount of people cancelling last minute, made several appointments and cancelled and for duo and longer bookings, I am changing my policy on deposits.

Don’t worry all you lovely genuine people that ring make and appointment and turn up this won’t effect you there is no change there and no deposit will be required, so when will a deposit required I hear you ask??

Well here is a list I will try and keep it simple so as not to confuse you. It is my responsibility to make sure my time is not wasted and continued to be wasted by the same people.

Deposits are only required for, people who have wasted my time in the past and wish to make another booking, of for people who have repeatedly made appointments and cancelled. I will also now be requiring deposits for all for duo day bookings, so if you want to book myself and Ruby or myself and Mistress A. The other time I will require a deposit is if you are making a long booking 3 hours plus and I have not met you before and you don’t have an adult work account with feedback. Also all overnight bookings will require a deposit.

So here are some examples when I will be asking for a deposit:

You have made an appointment and cancelled it on the day of the booking, in this case all future bookings will require a deposit.

You have made an appointment and not confirmed on the day then all future bookings will require a deposit.

You are flagging top as a time waster - these are pretty easy to spot mainly which is why I have so few of them.

You have made several bookings in the past and cancelled them all in advance then all future bookings you wish to book will require a deposit. I will give you the benefit of the doubt twice then after that I am afraid I will be asking for a deposit to secure all future bookings.

You see we have a duo day coming up and wish to make a booking – all duo day bookings now require a deposit. This is thanks to the last duo day with Ruby where we had several time wasters. To waste my time is bad enough but to waste Rubys time as well is simply not fair when she makes such an effort to spend some wonderful days with me. The same applies to booking for myself and Lady V

You have made an appointment and not showed up in the past, if you wish to book again and you would be surprised at how many do then I will need a deposit.

You would like an extended time with me and we have not met before and you don’t have an adult work account with feedback then I will require a deposit.

If you make a deposit payment and I have to cancel for whatever reason then the deposit will be returned to you in full. If you make a booking and pay a deposit and have to cancel then the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable so you cannot use it form another day.

I will be using discretion when asking for a deposit and I won’t be asking for one unless I feel that it is justified.

How to pay a deposit and how much?

When I require a deposit an hour booking will require a deposit of £50.00, for bookings over an hour the deposit will be £100, overnight bookings will require a deposit of fifty percent of the agreed fee.

Duo bookings up to 2 hours £100 deposit and over 2 hours £200 deposit.

The deposit can be paid by bank transfer, pay pal or cash direct into my account at any Lloyds branch. It’s really easy at Lloyds as you can pay it in the hole in the wall with just my account details.

I am trying to keep this as fair as possible and those that are genuine, make appointments and turn up there is no change to booking everything remains the same.

Any questions or queries please ask..

Kisses Kristina J - Yorkshire Escort