A beginners guide to tantra by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

A beginners guide to tantra

One of my readers asked me to write a beginners guide to tantra so here goes.

Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort beginner s guide to Tantra

The word tantra and Tantric Sex has been around for a long time, taking its roots I India and in my opinion based on ayurvedic principals it is so much more than just sex. There are so many different interpretations of what tantra means and the word has become associated with sex which is not always the case.

Over the years I have come to understand that the word tantra and tantric massage means connecting to your life force energy and experiencing these energy systems in your body. Through tantric massage and tantra itself you can learn to weave the body, mind and soul together and improve the energy flows between the tree components.

Tantric massage can be applied to sex but I need to point out it does to have to be applied to sex. However when it is applied to sex it can raise your awareness of your sexual energy and your self and help in developing intimacy and raise the pleasure ceiling to have more fulfilling sexual encounters and stronger orgasms.

I will in a future blog talk about the different types of tantra, white, red and black but I won’t go into this right now.

So without further ado lets give you some tips on how to have Tantric Sex. Fir the purpose of this blog we are now taking about tantric sex but I just want to acknowledge the point that tantric massage and tantra is not always about sex.

How to have tantric sex?

Take the time to invest in yourself and allow yourself space to fully enjoy the experience.

Tantric Sex is not something that can be rushed, its about stepping away for the desire for instant gratification and allowing yourself to experience the journey. It is after all, all about the journey not the destination. Allow yourself to explore without expectations, for as soon as we have expectations we list our experience.

Set the scene

As a beginner the ambience will make all the difference, clean the area, light some candles, change your sheets, clear away any clutter, maybe use incense to awaken the senses. Take your time to make sure everything is just right. This will become part of your ritual as you get used to doing it. For me I like to take a bath and spend some time coing in to myself with a short body scan or meditation.

Bring your conscious awareness to your movements

The I am giving a tantric massage no movement is a mistake. I clear my mind and allow myself to drop into my intuition, listening to my intuition I bing full awareness to my touch. My sub conscious mind needs to be present in each and every movement. If you are exploring on your own and you move your hand to touch your legs, bring your awareness to focus on every sensation that small touch creates. Tantra is a journey and as you explore allow yourself to value each moment and each touch equally don’t get inpatient as this will take you out of your intuition.

Learn to touch.

One of the best things I did was learn to touch, I did this by following Betty Martins how to touch, where you take an object on of my favourites is a pine cone. You then touch it with your hands and fingers but as part of a mediation. Make are you are comfortable ad really bring your awareness to your touch, slow it down and see what happens, how much more do you feel the slower you go?


Don’t forget to breath, bring your awareness to your breath and use it to support you in giving or receiving touch and allowing you to drop into your intuition.

Fr anyone who has received tantric touch for me you will have noticed I don’t just breathe enough to stay alive I breathe to really feel and sense the nuances. Picking up on the things that are missed when there is no conscious awareness.. I also concentrate on keeping my mind clear, you see the mind is very clever at distracting up with its constant internal chatter so this needs to be cleared. This in itself is an art form and I have developed a way to do this through meditation.

Resilient Edge of Resistance

Touch need to be at the resilient edge of resistance a term on of my teachers Barbara Carrellas uses. is means that the touch in any given moment is just right. Its not too much and its not too little it is just what the body needs. There is an art in this as too little and light at the wrong time can be just a yucky as too much. Its about finding that edge where the body slightly pushes back yet soaks up the deliciousness of the touch.

And finally

As tantric massage and tantra is all about connection and energy flows take some tie to understand how this manifests in the body. I won’t go into the complexities of energy work here is its an in-depth subject but I am working using an understanding of the following:




Marma Points

The subtle body including etheric and astrol bodies

I hope that this is of use and it was a pleasure to write if anyone has any questions do feel free to reach out to me or after this time with coronavirus and I return to offering tantric massage in Huddersfield it would be a pleasure to work through any of the concepts with you.

In the mean time please do stay safe and please do keep in touch and if anyone has any subjects that you would like covering in my blog do let me know I would be happy to write for you.

Kisses Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort and Tantric Massage in Yorkshire