A day in the life of an Escort by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

A day in the life of an Escort

Hi Guys

From time to time I have a browse around the forums, chat rooms and all other sources of industry chat. I like doing this for a number of reasons, one it is good to read other peoples point of view and another I like to know what is going on in the industry.

Sometimes I come across comments which irritate me, for example posts that are derogatory to working girls - as all working girls must be on drugs, or we all live in council flats and are run by pimps comments such as escorting is not real work ‘try getting a 9-5 love’. The idea that we sit around all day doing nothing, suggesting we are lazy. Or we are stuck up our own arse and charge way too much for what we are worth.

I don’t take any comments personally but it does frustrate me that there is such a negative image of working girls. Now I understand that I cannot speak for anyone but myself, - but anyone believing we must be on drugs to do what we do or have mental health issues would be very disappointed if they were to take a look in my medicine bag – no defiantly no Prozac in there – maybe the odd Viagra and some aspirin but that is about it. It may be disappointing to learn that all I need to get me going in the morning is a bowl of cereal and a glass of juice, very rock and roll I know . Yes that’s right not even a cup of coffee so defiantly not the copious amounts of class A and B drugs that we must take every day to do what we do.

Sorry to disappoint again but no council house or screaming kids desperate for food, instead a lovely well appointed, immaculately clean private apartment and guess what yes silence Oh apart from the erotic background music to set the ambience.

I don’t even sit around all day and do nothing, I have more than enough to do – running the website and my own marketing is a very busy demanding job – yes that is right a real job I grant not a 9 till 5 weekdays but 18 hour days that are filled with things I need to do and usually don’t have the time to do. Escorting to me is a real job and career and something I love to work at and give it 100%. I run it just like any other business would be run and give it the commitment as I would with any career. I invite anyone to spend a week in my shoes before making uneducated comments.

Again it may be disappointing but I don’t have a pimp – no I am too wise for that. I can manage myself thank you - perfectly well and have the confidence and ability to make things happen myself without the need of a pimp telling me what to do – in fact the thought is quite comical been as outspoken and confident as I am it would be a clash of the titans!!

I am not stuck up my own arse either – I am actually a very unassuming, down to earth, considerate person who cares about people and the world around me. I don’t think I am better than anyone else or above anyone and treat everyone as an equal. I am naturally a very giving person and protective of people in my company – when it comes to close friends and family I am fiercely protective without been intrusive.

So I am sorry to disappoint that I don’t fit into the stigmatised image but you know what, I would image the majority of working girls are just like me. I am well balanced, confident woman running a business professionally and doing something I love.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxx 6ft Tall Escort