A guide on How to book me revisited for 2018 by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

A guide on How to book me revisited for 2018

A guide on How to book me revisited for 2018

It is that time of year again that I get many email all asking a similar thing. In basic terms the emails ask a similar question and go along the line of – Hi I am new to this and very nervous please can you let me know what to expect and how to book you please.

I understand that arranging a lady like me can be very daunting for some and also very exciting at the same time. I am very easy going and exceptionally easy to talk to as well as been very much up for some good safe fun. I will always put my visitor at ease straight away with a warm friendly greeting.

I also get asked questions around discretion and discreetness. I will not contact you unless you contact me – I don’t keep notes and I don’t write numbers down anywhere. I do keep my diaries but they mean nothing and there is no personal details in there more coded messages. Your details will remain safe and confidential so you will have no concerns about them getting into the wrong hands or being used for anything other than to confirm our meeting.

In terms of how discreet is my location – well I wont give too much details away about my actual location but it has served me well and I take your discretion very seriously – your security means everything to me so I do my upmost to ensure you feel safe, secure and relaxed at all times.

There are a number of different options for parking and you will always manage to find a parking space so majority of the time parking is no problem. The morning of the appointment you will receive a text with all the information on and if you follow this you will not have any issues parking or getting to me.

So that leads to how do you book me?

I have 4 ways you can book me:

Phone, Text, Email, Adult work profile or my now booking system online.

If you book via email or text then I will request you call me to confirm the appointment at an allotted time. I do not see anyone unless I have spoken to you first.

Phone Bookings

We can talk on the phone and agree a mutually convenient time although the best time to cal is between 8am and 9.30am weekdays this is when I am most likely to be able to answer the phone. I try my best through the day but sometimes it is just not possible. If it is a same day booking for later in the day I will give you a nearby post code and ask that you call from the location – from here I will direct you into parking and into my house quickly and safely. If it is an advance booking I will text the morning of the appointment at 8.30am to confirm and ask for confirmation back I will then provide the location details for you to call me from.

Email and Text Bookings

I will ask you to call me at an allotted time usually morning between 8am and 10am to let you have the location details. I do not provide my location details on email or text without speaking to you first.

Adult Work Bookings Adult work profile

If you have feedback then I will text the location details to the number on the booking form providing you have feedback from other escorts and the feedback is recent – if not then I will ask that you call me the morning of the appointment for the location details.

Own Booking Page on here Bookings

I will receive your booking via email and I find this method really helpful because my booking form asks you to fill details in about the type of meeting you would like.

I will then set up a time to have a phone call and confirm the booking within 24 hours via email. If the selected time is not available then I will offer you alternative times and dates.

I stick to these rules for my safety, your safety and to maintain discretion to genuine visitors.

I do get a lot of enquiries from people demanding to know my full address so they can see how long it will take to get to me.

I understand the need to plan to get to me which is why I have a map on my website giving you an idea of the area. I have had in the past quite aggressive demands for my full address on occasion accompanied with how do I know you are genuine.

My answer to this type of questioning is to check the location map on my website, even if I did give you the full address you still would not find me. Most delivery drivers cannot find me.

To answer the question am I genuine?

I would politely refer you to check out my websites and my feedback. I currently have over 500 positive adultwork feedbacks. I have a website that it is clearly visible to see the amount of time, work and money which is invested. I have a massive blog – if I was a fake I don’t think I would have spent the hours writing the website and the continued investment in time writing my blog. Plus on top of this are my 80 plus field reports which you can check out here - Feedback

I would also suggest putting my phone number in google which will bring up my many profiles on other directories and forums. If all that is not enough there is a link to my website designer which can also be checked as a leading industry website designer with an outstanding reputation along with my trainers who i have trained in tantric and BDSM with link here Training

I understand the need to check out anyone you may be consider visiting which is why I don’t mind providing the professional information needed to check my credibility and reliability and I urge you to take some time to make sure everything adds up.

Please do bear this in mind when all I have is a phone number or an email address to go on.

I hope you find this blog useful and informative for anyone considering seeing me for the first time. My main priority is to ensure your safety and discretion while making sure you have a great time and my credibility and integrity remains unquestionable.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xx