A Hotbed of Debauchery by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

A Hotbed of Debauchery

Georgian England was a hotbed of prostitution and promiscuity where tens of thousands of women and girls – some as young as 12 – worked as prostitutes, and London was the epicentre. ... “In Georgian London the consensus is that 50,000 prostitute were working full or part-time.”  For many 18th century prostitutes, their occupation was transitional, meant to economically tide them over a particularly bad hump in their lives. Many eventually married or found another occupation.

Of course, these were the cleaner sorts of girls, often hired on by tavern keepers to draw trade. They were probably cleaner than most workingmen’s wives, she adds, and offered rare access to private rooms at a time when tenements and hovels teemed with noisy, unwashed humanity.

Older or uglier prostitutes worked the streets alone, while the better endowed powdered their hair and populated well appointed brothels. People-watcher James Boswell recounted a late March evening in 1762 when, I strolled into the Park [quite likely St. James] and took the first prostitute I met, whom I without many words copulated with free from danger, being safely sheathed. She was ugly and lean and her breath smelled of spirits. I never asked her name.   (Boswell’s sheath might have been a length of sheep’s intestine tied with a ribbon. Reuseable, of course.)

In the high-end houses, women were better fed and dressed but often bound by debt to their madams (no accident) and thus effectively enslaved. In these bagnios,  a rich man can sup, bathe and sleep with a fashionable courtesan, of which there are many in London. It makes a magnificent debauch and only costs six guineas,” about equal to a housemaid’s yearly wage. How times have changed for the better even the name has changed we are Escorts but I have been called a whore in the heat of passion (dirty talk) 

 Kristina K  Being an escort is something inside you but not everyone has it,  I have it and I love it xx