A Naughty liaison by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Here is a story one of my lovely visitors has written and sent me and very kindly given me permission to share.

A Naughty liaison

It was approaching lunchtime and medical secretary Kristina was quite pleased. She had managed to get in touch with all the late morning and afternoon appointments for the clinic, to tell them their appointment would be cancelled due to the doctor feeling unwell.

There was just one patient she could not reach; she had tried everything but to no avail. There was nothing else she could do except wait and see if he arrived at the clinic.

There was a knock at the door, Kristina looked up and could see a man standing there trying to get in. She walked over and opened the door. he was out of breath and began to apologise for running late for his 11.30 appointment. Kristina polity interrupted. “ I am sorry but all appointments have been cancelled, I tried everything to get in touch with you. I can make a new date now for you”.

Rupert apologised again explaining his phone was not charging and received no calls or texts. He looked at Kristina ‘can you not help, after all it’s just a heart rate check and a collection of a sample?’

Kristina asked the Rupert to wait in reception as she went into the office, she began to have some of those wicked and naughty thoughts which sprang into her head, she just cannot help herself sometimes and was not one to miss an opportunity to play. She undid a few more buttons on her blouse and walked back into reception holding a clip board and sat next to Rupert. She put one hand on his knee and leant over and whispered softly in his ear.” I think I can help you with your sample. Rupert’s eyes were drawn to Kristina’s blouse as he noticed the buttons were undone. His eyes were drawn to her pert breasts and he could just catch a glimpse of her bra under her shirt, Noticing in anticipation of her next breath and the way breasts would move up and down. Rupert was beginning to feel a sense of arousal growing in his trousers. His senses ignited with the smell of her delicate perfume as she leaned just a little but closer, he could not help but notice her immaculate skin which looked like silk in the sunlight.

Rupert thought she was going to hand him a magazine to help him produce his sample , but Kristina continued to whisper “ I have ways to help you which you and I will enjoy “ she moved her hand slowly towards his now bulging jeans , she gave it a gentle squeeze and smiled. Rupert looked back almost startled at her action but could not help the feeling of excitement that one touch had aroused in him.

Kristina got up and started to walk towards the stairs which led to the different changing rooms and of course the room were the samples are collected before being taken away for testing. Standing up and motioning with her finger form Rupert to follow he obediently followed her. He could not help but feel his attention being drawn full delight of Kristina’s perfect body. She was tall with beautiful shaped legs and a body to die for, he had noticed when she sat down with him and crossed her legs, he had caught a glimpse of her black stocking tops. He was beginning to think that this was deliberate, his heart began to skip a beat with excitement and anticipation of the unknown.

Kristina showed him into a changing room and asked him to undress and wait for her. Left in the changing room Rupert’s longing was growing and the anticipation of what here game was. With so many different thoughts running through his mind he could not help but feel his attention being drawn to his throbbing cock. Doing as she asked, he started to undress and help his hands to cover his growing manhood which was now standing to full attention.

She chuckled as she walked away, and Rupert could hear the rustle of her undressing as she took off her clothes. His excitement grew at the thought of her in them stockings and high heels and heels. Oh god what have I let myself in for but driven by his curiosity and a sense of this is very naughty which turned him on.

She returned to the changing room were Rupert had undressed, he could hear the clip of her heels on the wooden floor as she approached. Anticipation growing but suddenly his attention was drawn to a chair some beautiful lace lingerie with stockings laid out. He picked them up and felt them next to his skin. Just then the changing room door opened and in front of him stood Kristina, dressed in stunning lace lingerie and black heels. She had decided to leave her black panties off so he could see her lovely shaven pussy. What a sight to die for he thought. In his excitement he hadn’t realised that his cock had become very interested again and was becoming hard with very passing second.

Smiling knowingly Kristina said, ‘I see you like the look of my lingerie?’ As she walked over to him. ‘Are you getting excited?’ she quizzed looking at him with such an innocent smile. Rupert stammered and although he tried to speak, he was helpless not much more than a few groans came out. ‘As you like my lingerie so much, I want you to put what you have in your hands on for me, in fact I will help you. I like a man in lingerie it is quite a turn on’. With the innocent look turning to a teasing look, Kristina helped him put on the stockings and the panties. Noticing the soft feeling of the fabric against his skin and how sensual it made him feel, he could already feel his throbbing cock nudging at the front of the panties. He could feel that the panties were getting damp from the pre cum from his cock. Drawn to the beating of his heart as it began to race and feeling such nervous excitement, what was this lady doing to him. Kristina finished by putting the suspended belt on to hold the stockings up, finally she picked a laced camisole top to finish the look. She looked at Rupert and whispered in his ear, ‘I hope you like what you have seen, how I have dressed you?’

She ordered the him to follow her to a room were normally a sample would be produced in private. Looking directly into his eyes she told him that today was a very special day as she would stay in the room t make sure she got a full sample.

Her manner suddenly changed and Kristina looked cross, ‘because I couldn’t reach you and you arrived at the clinic and I might add you were running late if we had been open I will need to teach you a lesson’, she quipped. ‘I have also had to change my plans, so I need repaying do you understand?’ He nodded and lowered his head feeling suitably reprimanded yes aroused was an interesting combination. In fact, the more she was cross the more he felt turned on. Kristina asked Rupert to bend over with his legs apart and his arms supporting his weight on the bed. Sliding in to sit beside him, she began to run her nails gently over the inside of his legs, all the way to his balls, she stopped and gave them a gentle squeeze. He felt helpless his balls were aching already and he was visibly turned on which seemed to amuse her. Kristina pulled one side of the lace panties to expose his bottom and gently using her nails and sensual touch caressed his quivering bottom. She then told him he had been very naughty and proceeded to give it a spanking, not too hard but hard enough. She repeated this motion again before moving to the other side and repeating what she had done before. As each spank hit him, he let out a moan, he was secretly enjoying his telling off although he was sure she knew that. Kristina kneeling behind the man felt his cock through the panties, it was hard and dancing to get out of the panties. Slowly and gently she lowered the panties down and teased the head of his cock, it flinched up and down as she ran her fingers around the swollen head. She felt the pre cum on her fingers and put them into Rupert’s mouth to taste. Turing him around and smiling sweetly at hm before she ran her tongue up and down his swollen shaft , he gasp as she licked the head of his cock, lapping up the pre cum . After a minute she got up and lay down on the bed

‘I would like you to do as your told again’. Opening her legs, she began to caress her body arching her back as she touched her erect nipples and stroked her thighs. Kristina stopped and asked him, if he would like to touch her and follow instructions. He said he would very much like that and knelt down on the bed. He began by gently kissing her neck and slowly exploring her now firm erect nipples, gently playing with them with his tongue. Slowly he gave gentle kisses down her body towards her legs and inner thighs before asking permission to taste her now wet and warm pussy. Kristina told him to carry on and as his tongue began to lick and probe her pussy, she let out soft appreciative moans of pleasure. Her pussy tasted as sweet as nectar and all the time his cock was pouring pre cum across the middle of the lace panties he had on. As he licked her clit he began to trace semi circles across her body with his nails, something Kristina appreciated. After more licking of her pussy and clit Kristina stopped him and said, I haven’t finished with you yet.

Kristina got up and asked Rupert to stand whilst she unhooked the stockings from the suspender belt to slide down and take off the now very moist panties he had been wearing . She began to fasten the stockings back and could see his cock quiver with excitement as it was now free from the panties.

‘Lie down on the bed whilst I handcuff you’, she commanded. Once he was secure Kristina placed a soft satin and lace tie over his eyes, he was now a plaything for her. Every sound was magnified as his hearing took over as the main sense. All sorts of things went through his mind, what was about to happen? A nervous and exited anticipation ran over his alert and responsive body.

Kristina began by gently laying a silk scarf over his body letting him feel the soft fabric against his skin, she next rubbed an ice cube over him which took his breath away. The sensations he got were nothing he had experienced before. Kristina slowly placed her mouth over is his cock and began to suck and lick it back to life. She stopped and whispered in his ear that he would beg to cum before she finished. She then began to massage the inside of his thighs, gently at first before a more rigorous stroke, his whole body began to quiver and tingle, again Kristina repeated the steps and each time the patient’s body went into pleasure, Kristina again whispered, are you enjoying your body orgasm

Rupert panted and Kristina told him to concentrate on his breathing and be in the moment, His body was quivering and jerking on its own and he was overcome with wave after wave of pleasure

Kristina expertly rolled the condom over his erect cock and slowly eased herself down onto it. ‘I don’t want you to thrust or cum, under no circumstances must you do any of these things, I want to ride the waves of pleasure you are having to help me orgasm as well’, she demanded. Her pussy took hold of his cock and she began to ride him hard, then slowing it down. She reached out and picked up her vibrator and began to tease her clit at the same time as riding this cock to excite herself and use him for her own pleasure.

He was desperate to cum he could feel is balls beginning to stiffen, he yelled that he couldn’t last much longer. Kristina stopped and got off him and took is cock into her waiting mouth. A tidal wave of pleasure burst through his body he couldn’t stop himself as he cried oh fuck and exploded his warm sticky cum into her mouth. Kristina wasn’t quite finished; she took the blindfold off him and released the chains. She ordered him to sit between her legs and lick her soaked pussy as she held the vibrator over her swollen clit. After stimulating her pussy and clit she exploded onto his face with waves of pleasure pulsating through her body

They both collapsed together on the bed and wrapped there stocking clad legs around each other and cuddled for a moment before a shower

The man left Kristina locking up the clinic, he never did make that new appointment, maybe he would just have to call her again….

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