A night at the Torture Garden by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

A night at the Torture Garden

Hello sexy….

Its been a while since I have blogged… So what have I been up to?? Now that would be telling wouldn’t it and a girl can not give away all her secrets. There is a little something I will share with you though…. I decided to explore my dark side and took a trip to the Torture Garden at the Caves in Edinburgh a few weeks ago. Been my first Torture Garden event I was a little nervous, but you know me very opened minded so decided to go along and explore.

My first challenge was what to wear, typical girl has to get it right. After spending hours trawling through the online galleries and looking at previous outfits I thought I would check my wardrobe. No gas masks to be found in the wardrobe maybe this will have to added to my collection of outfits at a later date. I settled on my leather outfit with the gauntlets and thigh high boots. I was a little worried I may be over dressed but thought what the hell. So the Saturday night came and I eagerly got myself ready full make up dark eyes, bright red lips the lot it took hours to do put on my leather with a strap underneath which I undid and headed up to Edinburgh. Yes I drove all dressed up – there I was thinking I could park the car outside the door in a designated car park… No it was a public car park right in the middle of Edinburgh, imagine my face as I realise I have to walk past all the pubs and clubs with a coat that hardly covers me, full leather, fishnet stocking and thigh high boots. I think we may have turned a few heads as we made our way to the club. 

What the hell though, once we managed to find the club and get inside there is only one word I can use to describe the venue and that is awesome!!!!!! Phenomenal, I have never been any where like it in my life. I was all steel staircases and stone with cut out hidden away corners which had been kitted out with various different pieces of play equipment. I felt I was in another dimension this is what it’s all about. The fantasy I had made myself with my dress had found a fantasy place to be. Looking around at some of the outfits words escaped me. I would say Vivienne Westwood, meets YMCA, meets creative and self expression on steroids!!!! Even if you are not into the dark side it is worth going to a Torture Garden event just to see the awesome costumes. There was everything from a girl dressed as a teddy bear with her 5 subs, to a girl who had made her outfit out of Barbie dolls. Guys in capes, burlesque, full latex suits including the gas masks. I have never seen anything like it in my life and my eyes had a feast not knowing what I was going to see next. Then onto the music it was banging!!!! Non of this crap disco bollocks oh no proper dance music that rocked amazing.

Around the venue there were various different demonstrations going on from a wizard with a violet wand…. As I am into my violet wand this was right up my street and yes I did learn some new things which I will put into practice. There was a couple practicing Shibari – the ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage. My god is that an art absolutely fascinating to watch such precision and art demonstrated so fluently I was gobsmacked and awestruck. It certainly sparked my interest I would love to learn such a talent.

As the night wore on and the drinks went down I can only say it was the most amazing evening ever in a fantastic environment where the word respect is used and practised by every single person in the venue. Not a sight of trouble and complete acceptance of each other for who they are and how they are dressed with everyone giving everyone else complete respect and consideration. A simply wonderful place to be and definitely a first of many as I plan to become a regular visit to the fantasy world that Torture Garden is even if it is just for a night – it is one hell of a night and a perfect introduction to my dark, kinky, sexy, erotic side.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xx