A range of skills by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

A range of skills

Can I be a professional Escort and a Professional Dominatrix in combination with each other? The answer is yes read on to find out how and why...

Over the years it is not unusual for people to get confused that I offer top class sensuality and intimate erotic encounters and other times I can switch into a dominant role and sadistic disciplinarian. Those that wish to encounter my sensual compassionate side fear the kinky side of me obstructs my ability to be sensual and compassionate.

Those who desire a dominating strong woman to take full control doubt my ability to pull it off if I offer sensual girlfriend encounters.

Now I believe that sex and BDSM are not just acts but rather a place we visit within ourselves as we share our erotic journey together. Over the years I have learnt to look at all the different aspect of myself and learn how they manifest to create the person I am. I learnt long ago that I am not kind, I am not compassionate, I am not controlling, I am not dominating, I am not sensitive, I am not caring and I could go on with a whole list of what I am not. In fact I am not any of the things that make me the person I am.. What I learnt is that each element of my personality is part of me so it is within me to be kind, caring, compassion, controlling, dominating, sensitive etc etc. All I had to do was learn the skill of step-in into the right part of myself at the right time. So if you desire a sensual girlfriend then I step into this part of myself. If you desire a dominatrix I give myself permission to step into my dark self.We all have this ability but it is to know oneself fully that gives us the capacity to be able to master ribbing the right part of ourselves out to play.

The point I am making is whether you choose a sensual girlfriend encounter, or an erotic tie and tease or a commanding mistress. I simply step into the part of my personality that is required in order to deliver fully and see you in your desire.

There is nothing I love more that playfully exploring the erotic possibilities and as each different person has his or her unique set of sexual mapping, what really sparks my interests me is working out the puzzle each encounter presents. I really do thrive on working out the best kind of play for each individual at a particular point in time.I also take great pride of playing with in boundaries and these are so important for me as when you have boundaries it enables safe consensual play, which is what everyone wants.

I see my role as providing a guidance and by using my range of skills to fully meet you in your desires and to realise your own erotic potential whether it be kinky, dominant or sensual. I put together play sessions that allows each individual to explore their erotic landscape as a personal journey.

For some that may be in the arms of a sensual loving and attentive woman for others it may be to lay back and relax and I tantalise and tease you in the erotic art of tie and tease. Encouraging you to let go and surrender your body to me, so I can build up the sexual intensity as if I was playing a fine instrument. For others it may be an intense power exchange where I am a sadistic bitch and they have no choice but to surrender to the moment…. Everything I do is agreed and consensual I can not say that loud enough and I will never step over the pre agreed boundaries.

Sometimes for the lucky ones we reach subspace which is a state of consciousness, where the sense of time passing is distorted and complete let go is achieved taking you to a sense of bliss, each moment becomes and eternity yet nothing at the same time.. A place of magic and really letting go into another realm. I have seen this happen in BDSM and also in Tantric and erotic massage scenarios and even in just breath work activities. Knowing just the right buttons to push you just that little bit deeper bringing about pure magic.

It’s basically about letting go and letting a different part of me take over and enjoying the moment together.

I have had it reaffirmed to me in a recent intense BDSM session where the person needed to be brought very quickly back into his body. I know instantly to step out of the role of Mistress and to get him on the massage table to rebalance him with a very beautiful massage before continuing the session at his request and moving into bondage massage. If I did not have the underpinning skills or an understanding go body responses there is no way I would have known what to do yet alone do it. It was at this moment that I truly became aware of the importance of knowing what to do and being able to do it seamlessly.

I have come to fully appreciate that all the different sexual and sensual experiences I am able to offer are naturally within me, I only play roles that really are part of me. I am just really good on drawing each skill set at will. Which makes for pretty amazing sessions which I am missing very badly in this period of shutdown.

I don’t see any conflict in my ability to change from sensual girlfriend to commanding Mistress and both areas represent the real me and I am drawing on my natural sexual ability and interests. Sometimes that means engaging sensually and intimately while other times it’s a power play of lust and control..

So whatever you decide it would be wonderful to explore fully together.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xx