A twist in the tale…. by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

A twist in the tale….

Please enjoy this story by one of my wonderful visitors I will publish it all over the next few weeks.

I sat in the car blankly staring into space, my mind wandering aimlessly while I waited for a reply. I had made good time in the morning traffic and was early for my appointment, it was good to be early and not rushing but equally a bit boring just sat waiting.


My heart immediately started racing as I heard the incoming text tone, I looked down eagerly and was instantly deflated to see an automatic text from my broadband supplier informing me my bill was ready to be viewed online at blah blah blah, I groaned.

I resumed my blank stare trying to work out if this was my fifth or sixth session, I couldn’t remember but it was definitely my first longer session, an hour and a half, I was wondering if I would survive and only half-jokingly. Nothing to do with the pain, Mistress was very good at pushing my limits but also at respecting them, I was only into mild spanking/flogging and I’m sure she was used to handing out far more brutal punishment based on her extensive equipment, the canes and whips made me shiver every time I saw them. The problem was the intensity, after my first session I had taken about ten minutes to get dressed with shaking hands. The steps down to the car had been very wobbly with me literally clinging to the hand rail and then I had to sit in the car for about fifteen minutes to calm down before I could even contemplate driving anywhere, talk about mind blowing, absolutely incredible. I had a smile on my face at that memory from just a few months ago.


My eyes flew down to the phone again, a big grin spread across my face, “You can come up now”, I put the phone on silent, pushed it into my pocket and reached for the door handle. I only just managed to stop myself from flinging the door open as a car raced past, phew, that would have spoiled the day! I jumped out of the car, pushed the door shut and moved the wing mirror back as I walked around the front of my car. I pressed the key fob lock button, beep beep the car responded, I walked rapidly across the pavement to her private access stairway and positively bounded up the twelve steps two at a time.

As I approached her front door it slowly opened as if by magic, Mistress was stood behind out of sight, obviously not wanting to flash anyone with her super sexy domme outfit. I walked into her kitchen diner and spun around with a massive grin on my face, she shut the door and glided over to me with an equally big grin and a sexy sparkle in her eyes.

“Hello gorgeous, I’ve missed you,” I said as I opened my arms and she snuggled in for a lovely big hug, my head at her bust height, she must be about 6ft in stockinged feet and was wearing some lovely heels so completely towered over me. There was nothing sexual about the hug though just a lovely friendly way to start the session, I closed my eyes, pulled in tight and let a contented sigh escape my lips. What a wonderful feeling entering her special domain knowing she cared about me and would do everything in her power to satisfy my naughty needs.

Eventually I let go and stepped back, I kicked off my slip-on shoes under the table, I knew the routine now and followed as she led the way up a few more stairs into her boudoir. The carpet was lush on my feet, very deep pile, probably a lovely colour too but I don’t know because I only have eyes for her gorgeous buttocks, slender legs and sexy heels. Today she had on a leather corset fastened at the front, some kind of sheer underwear underneath that, some leather bondage straps around her waist and thighs, lovely seamed stockings and black heels with metal spiked heel. The true dominant goddess look and with her being so much taller than me it really worked, I could feel myself becoming more submissive by the second.

To be continued……...