A twist in the tale the story continues…. by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

A twist in the tale the story continues….

Part two of a twist in the tale….. Written by a lovely visitor about one of our sessions…

I followed her into the boudoir, a room dominated by a huge bed with a lovely velvet cover and plenty of places to attach restraints. I walked to the side of the bed and immediately started stripping, putting my clothes in a pile on the appropriate chair. She walked over to a dresser and watched, there was a pole floor to ceiling with more restraint attachments next to her, I had been attached to this once, hands high above my head dangling like a rope able to swing freely when the flogger strikes, a bit harsh on the calves though!

“So what’s been happening with you darling?” She asked as she nonchalantly watched me disrobe.

“Oh well, you know I went to TBirds in Stanley last month, some of the girls told me I had to join TVChix so I did and I love it, made loads of friends and arranged a meeting with a lovely gent,” I replied.

“When’s the meeting then?” she asked.

“It was last week and oh my god it was amazing, I got dressed at his place, he took loads of photos and I managed to get him hard so I had my first real cock to suck,” I said breathlessly, I’d being wanting to share this news.

“Really oh darling that’s fabulous, did you enjoy it?” She asked as her eyebrows arched and she grinned like a Cheshire cat.

“Oh yes it was wonderful, surprised myself with how slutty I was and I made him cum in my mouth, totally amazing,” I was also grinning madly.

The dresser behind her had about twenty glass butt plugs and dildos, some of a ridiculously huge size looked like they were for a horse, I had asked about them one time and she said she used them on some clients with a glint in her eye, definitely not for me. I reached over and took a new pair of glasses from a plastic case, my new girly Tina glasses, a cats eye shape with pink and black tortoise shell colour. I saw Mistress rifling through a clothes rack which was full of floggers, paddles, whips, cuffs, feathers and all manner of tingle inducing equipment, I stood in my birthday suit waiting patiently.

“Right should we go and get you dressed?” she said swinging a couple of floggers in her hand,

“Yes please Miss,” I said slipping into submissive mode, difficult not to being butt naked and her in power bondage gear. I smiled and followed her sexy swinging arse up the dog leg staircase to the top floor, past the bathroom and into her dressing room. I immediately noticed the thigh length shiny boots in the corner, she followed my gaze.

“Ah yes you noticed my thigh boots, do you fancy trying them, it’s not too hot today, they are a bit of a faf to do up but worth it I think,” she said.

“Yes please miss they look wonderful,” I gushed.

“OK let’s get these stockings on first, I love seeing stocking tops peeking over the boots,” she knelt down, helping the first stocking over my toes and then ran it all the way up my legs to the top of my thighs absently flicking my balls at the top. I groaned, the sensuous silky feeling on my legs was awesome combined with the naughty tingle in my balls, I was in heaven already. She did exactly the same with the second stocking, marvellous. Next she had me step into a pair of black lacy panties and pulled them up making sure to tuck my dick and balls into the small crotch, I groaned again.

“Right let’s see what these boots look like on you,” she said as she offered up the first one to my stockinged foot, I pushed my foot in and she started lacing it up, gosh it was a bit fiddly with leather laces all the way up to the top and then six inches dangling down from the top. With the second one all done up I tottered over to the mirror for a look, gosh they looked amazing.

“What do you think for the top, this pvc corset goes rather well or maybe something more frilly?” she asked displaying a little shiny corset with lots of string and a nice bra section.

“Oh yes definitely the corset it’ll go wonderfully well,” I was gushing again, really getting into the dressing up. It took a while to make all the necessary adjustments to the corset but before long I was again stood in front of the mirror marvelling at my image. I felt so sexy and quite dominant actually with all the shiny black on show.

“You look quite dominant in that outfit sweetie,” she said.

“Yes I feel it too,” I stated.

“Don’t worry I’ll soon knock that out of you,” she chuckled as she walked out of the room. I would have responded but I was lost for words so I just obediently followed, trying hard to walk in the boots which was incredibly difficult. Oddly I thought there would be more support in the boots but it was the opposite my feet seemed to slip around wanting to fall over all the time, she saw me struggling as I entered her dungeon.

“Walk up and down for me, get used to the boots darling,” she demanded, I complied trying to get my balance but not managing very well. Her dungeon was quite light and airy being on the top floor with decent sized windows but there was no mistaking it for anything else but a dungeon. A padded spanking bench sat in the middle of the floor, a St Andrews cross was in the corner, a stool which no doubt was some other kind of bdsm equipment was against the wall, a fucking machine and some electro stimulation equipment was on the floor. I was currently prancing up and down the room in front of the floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobe doors that went the full length of the room – god knows what she kept in there, maybe a slave or two!

“OK that’s enough slut you are struggling with those aren’t you but they do look good,” she grinned, “time to tie you up.” I walked towards the padded spanking bench.

“No no slut on the cross,” I gulped and obediently complied. I had been on the cross a couple of times already, much better than the pole downstairs but still a bit hard on the legs after a while. I faced the corner as she attached leather cuffs to each arm and leg and then used the clips to attach these to the chains on the cross.

“So have you chosen a girly name yet?” she asked while restraining me.

“Er yes I’ve a bit of a confession on that front actually,” she looked at me quizzically while carrying on, “yes I was going to choose Kristina but obviously that would have been wrong using your name but I chose just Tina instead with you in mind, I hope you don’t mind?” I asked anxiously.

“Oh gosh no that’s fine darling, what a lovely compliment, do you want me to call you Tina?” she asked with a sly smile.

“I’m not sure, I don’t actually feel much like Tina in this outfit and without a wig or makeup, but maybe, let’s see how it goes,” she had offered wigs and makeup before but being a very hairy girl I sweat enough as it is without a hot wig on and makeup running down my face would not be a big turn on either. I found the BDSM play especially being restrained quite physically demanding and tended to get hot and sweaty quite easily.

She left me tied to the cross, I heard her retreat to the other side of the room, I could twist my head to try and see what she was doing directly or the other way via the mirrored wardrobe but I preferred to stay eyes front not knowing what was going to happen. I found with BDSM the anticipation was just as erotic as the actual sensations when they arrived and not knowing when they will arrive is quite deliciously fantastic.

To be continued…….