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A violation in consent

A violation in consent by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

A violation in consent

When things go wrong

I just wanted to share an email I received from one of my lovely visitors after some of my recent blogs about consent and trust. The reason for sharing this is not to put anyone off exploring play that involves power exchange but to demonstrate the need to really do your homework and to be in tune fully with yourself before willingly giving up control to another, if it does not feel right done do it. Check the ladies reviews, ask the potentila dom questions ask the where they stands on consent and make sure they understand that the sub can stop the scene at any time.

Sadly, this is one of just many stories I here where there are violations of consent and trust. The violations can flow both ways so it is not always from service provider to client it can also flow from client to service provider. So it important as much as possible to take your time do your research be clear in yourself of what you want and me be clear in what I am offering in order to avoid such awful situations coming up. Just like I test a visitor’s ability to say no before going in too deep it is good to test the integrity of the service provider by calling stop while you can still do something about it. This is one of the tricks I do when I do play my sub side mainly in my private life. If the dom cannot respect my no there is no way I am going any further and I would rather walk away from a scene than go into something that may have the potential to leave me in trauma.

So please do read this and I sure like me you will find it barbaric there is nothing sexy about this at all and I am saddened that this happens in a professional capacity.

‘The no’s and yes’s makes perfect sense and one Dominatrix of the very few I have visited really does belong in jail, I’m not a violent man but I could have changed as a result of her treatment. The session had gone well until a point where I was very securely tied down which is what I like she then used a pin wheel with electrics turned up really high, I used the safeword, I begged her to stop but she didn’t it was excruciating and way over the top. Her next move still make me feel sick, I was blindfolded (good job really) my hands were clamped down somehow and needles inserted behind my nails, OMG that hurt, that really hurt. After that I didn’t see anyone else until I came to you, it was hard to trust anyone but with you I felt OK, when I met you I felt safe straight away.

Thank you for being there, thank you for seeing me, thank you.

I am sure you will feel the horror I felt in fact to say I felt sick in the stomach is an understatement. Violation of consent is one of my triggers it’s the one thing that makes me really annoyed especially when someone has placed their trust in another.

Kristina J Huddersfield Escort