All about the HALLOWEEN Pumpkin by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

All about the HALLOWEEN Pumpkin

A friend of mine wanted to go ahead and come out of the closet. This is his story I have a pumpkin fetish. When ever I see a woman with a pumkin in her hand I lose it right then and there. The smooth roundness of such a delicious creation is more than I can handle. Don't judge me

I!!! know!!!! when I see one I just want to steal it! Oh what a rush!!!!!!!!!! Halloween is my Christmas. I go around from door to door especially the ones of old ladies, and I take those round delicious orange pieces of pumpkin heaven. Orgasmic!!

I get aroused when I'm near pumpkins

All I ever see in my head are pumpkins. Sometimes I believe I'm more than a human, and that I'm capable of being something greater, something powerful, something You guessed it folks, I believe my true form is a pumpkin. I don't know when It'll awaken, but I do hope soon. Pumpkins are love , I whisper sometimes at night, knowing it's the only way I'll be able to sleep.


The same as receiving a classic blumpkin (a blowjob while taking a dump) BUT with the slight variation that you ask the nice young lady or man to wear a jack-O'-lantern pumpkin on there head while they do it. Dude you know how I got rid of all of my pumpkins after halloween? I had my girlfriend give me a pumpkin blumpkin everyday this week!

Happy Halloween xx