An erotic Encounter by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

An invitation to take some time and to allow your imagination to run wild..

An erotic Encounter

An Erotic Encounter by Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort

Just imagine it’s time for us to finally get together, after weeks of waiting with no sexual contact and confined to our won houses we are finally given back our freedom. Just breathe in the word freedom and feel the excitement rise in your body at the thought of finally getting your hands on a 6ft statuesque blonde bombshell dressed in the finest lingerie.

Just shut your eyes and imagine you have made your way over to my amazing in call place tucked away in a leafy suburb of Huddersfield, eagerly you have called me and been given directions. Your heart skips a beat of nervous excitement now is the time, finally the day is here. Parking the car you look around and feel safe and secure at how discreet my place is. Eagerly skipping up the steps to the front door full of anticipation and excitement of what our time together will hold,

The door swings opens as you get to it and you are greeted with a smile, hug and kiss as you enter my world. A place you have read so much about suddenly you find yourself standing before me looking up at me, that’s the usual the first thing you notice is my height. Standing in front of me you take in the sight before you a mature lady just statuesque and over 6ft in heels, a little dress just long enough to cover the top of my lace top stockings. Just imagine how exciting that would be knowing how much fun we are about to have together. Perfect make up finished with dark red lipstick and as pull you in, you breathe in the gentle smell of me. Just imagine my body pressing against yours and how delicious I would smell.

Leading you up the stairs to my boudoir you are taken in by the room. This is not any bedroom this a bed room created for fun and lot of it. Pristine with a huge bed complete with deep mattress made up with satin and crushed velvet covers it oozes class but says you are here for a good time. Smiling at you I invite you to join me for a glass of water. Meeting your eyes with mine you see deep into my eyes for the first time. My blue sparkling blue eyes meet yours as I look you deep in the eyes for a few minutes. I see you I mean I really see you sensing an air of excitement and a racing of desires which makes me smile. Framing our time together I ask the question, so what do you want to do with me and what can I do with you? I encourage you to voice your desires and tell me what you really want in a way that’s so effortless and natural.

I invite you a little closer and start to caress your clothed body slowly stripping away everything fro the outside world that you don’t need in my bedroom. You feel my hands connect with your body and my stockinged leg rub against you causing an intense feeling of bubbling arousal in your body. As my hands run all over your naked body I pull you close for a deep sensual kiss. Just imagine been held in a sensual and warm embrace with me our lips moving together in perfect synchronicity. My hands wandering down to the tops of your thighs and just lingering long enough to create anticipation and raise the desire just one more notch.

Slowly you feel me caress you before I press my body agains yours and slowly remove my dress. Your eyes adjust to take in my beautiful lingerie just clinging perfectly to my slender body and beautiful natural breasts.. With curves in all the right places you take it he sight, oh how long have you waited for this moment. I move your hands onto my skin and tell you it is ok to touch. As you caress my delicate soft skin you notice how smooth it is it is almost like touching silk.

Inviting you to make your self comfortable on my bed you allow yourself to look around the room at the various toys on show and your imagination starts to run wild, just imagine all the fun we could get up to here, the options are endless..

Joining you on my bed feeling the satin sheets and soft velvet beneath us my hair brushing against you and we entwine in embrace. It’s been so long and now the fun is about to get real. Just imagine that would feel to be laid next to a lingerie clad 6ft blonde in my wonderful boudoir as we embark on the most intense eoritc journey together….

I will let your imagination fill in the rest.. I for one can not wait to get back to having some funI just hope the wait is not too long…

Kisses Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort