Androidism by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort


Androids (Andro: male or human , Eidos: A form) is used to describe robots or programmable machines that resemble humans.

Movies such as Barbarella, Flesh Gordon, Alien, Westworld, Future world and the famous Stepford Wife’s. Have depicted or implied sexual activity between humans and androids

Pseudo androidism is practiced in sex play. An example is the woman behind the backdrop booth (a fantasy and fetish club) during the 1990 San Francisco Exotic Erotic Halloween Costume Ball. She wore a g-string, silver wig glasses with a small flashing lights and a coating of silver on her body patterning her mannerisms to resemble the movement of a robot.

Fantasy magazines that feature seductive poses of half naked female androids are popular. However this fascination is not restricted to men. The character DATA on the television series Star Trek: The next generation is reported to receive more fan mail from women than any other male cast member.


One who is infatuated with any kind of artificial intelligence and who engages in sexual intercourse exclusively with machines.


One who suspects machines could be superior to the real thing

One, male or female, who is sexually aroused by, or would gladly and willingly f*ck or be fucked by a robot. Generally speaking, someone whose primary sexual orientation is towards robots. They may be human or synthetic persons and straight, gay, bi, etc is not specified. (Unfortunately, this word is often confused romosexual which is the only word that refers to someone who is both gay and a robot.)

A robosexual person is likely to have a job that involves computers. Oh dear some of my best friends have jobs that involve computers, so now we know their fantasies.

Kristina J on the cutting edge of Technology xx