Aphrodite the Myth by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Aphrodite the Myth

A humorous bent on Aphrodite the sex goddess

Aphrodite a Greek name belonged to the beautiful Goddess of love and fertility. A woman of uncontrollable desire (who did not exist).

No words could describe how Aphrodite looks like nude. Her angelic flawless beauty captivates you as she lures you into her web of sexual fantasy which occurs mainly in her domain the boudoir. She's attracted to creative men and engages with them as their inspirer. Aphrodite admires tall, dark masculine men who serenade her with their amazing musical talents.

Aphrodite is never a victim of a mans unwanted passion for her, the desires were mutual. No man can resist the Goddess of love and sexuality. Younger men are the most vulnerable and she uses her maturity to teach and guide them into her passion. Her knowledge is astonishing when it comes to love and sexual practices leaving her men wanting more and more. Spending time with her is priceless and Aphrodite will always make you feel like a God. (It should say Kristina)

A very tranquil and composed woman always arousing every living cell in your body. Her beauty is immortal and I would love to sleep with her forever holding her in my arms.

I must mention she has a few flaws that can be overlooked, she she likes to drink milk straight from the carton first thing in the morning, she's addicted to salted nuts, she drinks coconut water all day long, she washes her hair with coconut water. She has OCD where hygiene is concerned and refuses to make love to men when they've eaten garlic, onion or curry.

Aphrodite’s Appetite

The kind of hunger induced after one visits a whorehouse

Aphrodite’s Kiss

This is when a woman and a man get intimate, and the women later proceeds to give the man a fellatio. If the woman loves the man a whole lot, she will leave a kiss on the man's penis afterwards, leaving a mark if she wore lipstick. If the woman kisses the penis, but there is no lipstick mark, it doesn't count.

Kristina J your favourite Sex Goddess. I am all women successfully seducing Men Xxx