Art of erotic fantasies by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Art of erotic fantasies

Hi you eroticas we all have fantasies and some are mind blowing and some just wet dreams.  

I was prompted to write this post based on my observation that most clients who present with a sexual dysfunction or experience performance anxiety (because they are overly focused on the mechanics of sex) have lost touch with their ability to experience eroticism. Put it another way, a common cause of loss of physical arousal in people is the loss of erotic focus. Erotic focus means being fully mindful of the sexy, arousing thoughts and sensations during masturbation or sex with another.

Probably the most important ingredient for heightened eroticism is not technique but attitude.  Eroticism requires comfort with your own body and an attitude of playfulness and openness to exploration. It also entails a capacity for self-expression, interest in, and readiness to give pleasure and to be pleasured.  
Investing time in your erotic life

When it comes to sex, most people believe that it should be spontaneous in nature yet having such a mindset limits opportunities to get in touch with our erotic self and to find pleasure in sensual and sexual thoughts and feelings. An important part of enhancing your eroticism is actively seeking out opportunities to be sensual and to expand your capacity to experience and appreciate physical pleasure. This means being intentional in your actions such as planning time each week to explore and enjoy your sexuality.  It is not necessary to have a partner to have this type of experience. Masturbation is an ideal environment for increasing eroticism. It provides a safe, private, relaxed opportunity for you to explore your body and how it responds to stimulation. By prioritising time for your sexual expression, you will enjoy the pleasure of anticipation as well as the satisfaction from the event itself.

It’s important to remember that fantasies are not necessarily wishes. People often fantasize about things they would never act on in real life, even if the opportunity presented itself. Within the safety and anonymity of the world of make-believe, the unthinkable can lead to novel excitement which is what makes it so thrilling and arousing. Fantasy allows you to flirt with outrageous and totally out of character sexual behaviour without any risk of harm.

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