Asking for your specific requests by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Asking for your specific requests

Asking for the service that you want

With the range of services on offer I always find it helpful if when booking you give me an indication of what you would like, especially if you are looking to experiment.

I understand that not everyone is as open as I am and can speak so easily about sex and different sexual activities and some may find it difficult to say what they would like or turns you on.

I am very good at reading people but sometimes even I get it wrong – so if you have in mind the more erotic stuff and trying out the electrics, vac bed, fucking machine, feminisation or anal play and I am not given an indication you may end up with a very soft GFE. On the other hand if you are after a tender GFE you may find yourself strapped to the cross and your balls been fried!!!

So if you are struggling to put across what you would like and not sure how to ask for feminisation, prostate massage, electrics, sounds, tens etc or even not sure how to ask for dress requirements then if you find it easier after the booking has been confirmed drop me an email or text with your requirements on.

I recently had one lovely guy want to experiment and he text me very nervously to ask for his requirements and could I help after a series of texts I got one saying he was glad he had asked and felt much better. Since then we have had some fantastic meetings and pushed boundaries that were there to be pushed, had I not been told of his requirements I would not have been able to push the boundaries that he wanted to experiment with.

If I know what your requirements are and what you want to get out of the meeting then it makes for a more fulfilling meeting if I am aware of them.

I am a very easy going non judgemental person who is into sexual exploration myself so I welcome input. If your request is something I am not willing to do I will be honest with you and give you the respect you deserve by telling you it is not something I would do or I am capable of doing. There are many new skills I am constantly learning and will not carryout anything in my professional capacity that I am not 100% certain about in regards to the safety and welfare of you and me.

So looking forward to some good safe fun

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort

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