Batting your Balls by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Batting your Balls

Good morning Afternoon or evening whatever time you happen to be reading my blog, this is a strange one but it was fun a change is as good as a rest. Something to think about when you get bored in the boudoir!!

Being an Escort I thought I had seen and heard most things, It seems I have not. Getting ready one afternoon for a new client not having discussed his pleasure with me he sounded a nice sort of person (you never know). He said nothing kinky (it ( it was a bit strange).

Having been around a bit as I have, I realise kinky can mean a lot of things that some would call kinky and others not at all.My gentleman caller arrived spot on time a kiss on the cheek and a hug we chatted and he gave me a gift a Black Lacy play suit something like a tennis dress but black and lacy he also had a ball and two table tennis bats. Mmmm I thought where is this going.


I was to wear the play suit he his black shorts and stand on each side of the bed and play Bat and Ball (yes really) every time he missed the ball he wanted to be spanked with the bat a thing I did quite willingly. The Jist of this encounter is I enjoyed it and it was fun and so was the client he went away happy and left me happy too.

Kristina your favourite Be happy play with your balls. Service with a smile I go the extra mile. 💋