Been Relatable - Kristina Yorkshire Escort by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Been Relatable - Kristina Yorkshire Escort

The importance of been relatable during dates….

I always feel it is important to be relatable in meetings for both myself and my visitor. One thing that makes me feel uncomfortable and I am sure it would make you feel uncomfortable is if people feel they have a superior level of intelligence and take it upon themselves to talk down to the other party. I believe in a non judge-mental manner and allowing everyone to have their own beliefs and viewpoints. I am all for stimulating conversation and challenging of my beliefs but I find a blatant disregard for my point of view and been told I am wrong an instant turn off. This does not mean I expect everyone to agree with me positive challenging conversation is good and actually a turn on – been able to put up a good argument in constructive way I find very attractive.

I am all for the intimacy in meetings but a head fuck is something I can do without. I have had meetings where I have told I am “wrong”, I am wrong to believe something or asked if “I am serious” about a view with a clear intimation I am wrong to believe so. I have been told I am an Escort what would I know.

Been able to put up a good argument in constructive way I find very attractive.

If I think differently or you think differently to me or hold different beliefs it does not make someone wrong to think that way. To insult someone for a different belief is nothing more than ignorance, as far as I am concerned and is most certainly neither a sign of superior intelligence nor good etiquette.

I am sure most of us have been faced with the situation in a meeting when someone says something we disagree with or we know it to be wrong.

Is it best to belittle someone or is it a better person who will just let it go in a constructive manner? I seriously doubt there is anyone out there who is right all the time and knows everything. There are those out there who will have you believe they know everything but in my experience, their knowledge is normally as shallow as their people skills and they are really trying to conceal a deeper insecurity.

So one of the hidden skills of been an Escort is be able to communicate effectively, allowing each person the space to express themselves and show their thoughts and beliefs in a non judge-mental, non confrontational manner. This allows for a positive stimulating conversation, while showing respect for the other persons point of view or belief.

Kristina Yorkshire Escort xx