Bespoke Services and asking for what you Desire… by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Bespoke Services and asking for what you Desire…

With my ever diversifying range of experiences on offer, I really do invite you to ask for what you want.

So many times I am face to face with a lovely person and I ask what they would like and I get the response, ‘Whatever you like’. Great I am in the mood for giving some anal fisting or maybe I am in a sadistic mood and yes I do have a sadistic side of stapling your balls to your legs. I love the look of surprise that crosses the guys face and they recoil in horror. Either of them two statements usually gets them taking.

It really is becoming more and more important that you are able to ask for what you want. Yes I know for some vocalising the erotic is difficult but with my services ranging from ritual BDSM, Kink, fetish through to GFE and Tantric to beyond incorporating sessions such as tie and tease, NURU, tease and denial, bondage massage, flogging or caning sessions the list just goes on and on and with new things coming all the time each session is becoming more and more bespoke and even if it is a Sensual Girlfriend Experience.

Yes you did read that right guys I am learning some new stuff that is simply mind blowing again (blog to follow).

So why are sessions bespoke, there are two reasons for this first and formally I don’t work to scripts or routines and I am not limited with my capabilities and have a canny knack of being able to mix elements to make sessions special, new and exciting. For example mixing tantric principals with BDSM, or putting in certain things to allow you to drop deeper into your kink or spicing up a GFE, or even taking you deeper into a GFE with more sensuality and connection. Secondly and most important is I recognise everyone is different and have different turn ons and desires and although a GFE with one person may be one thing with another it is something totally different, it would be wrong form me treat everyone as if they were the same.

Taking responsibility for your erotic desires is fundamental to your own satisfaction, so if I am doing something that you do not like or do not want and you don’t communicate your preference with me then who’s fault is that yours or mine? I don’t take offence when you tell me you don’t like something or would prefer something different or let me know something is not working for you. I always honour your request with an enthusiastic thank you for sharing and acknowledgement. I am more likely to take offence if you don’t tell me what you want or let me do something you don’t like.

I tend to work from my intuition which is good and I really believe in the power of the flow getting in touch with you on a level where we can flow in erotic bliss together but sometimes I get it wrong. Sometimes you don’t know what you want and that’s ok, sometimes you have come to me to explore without and real knowledge of what works for you and this is ok too. I have a knack of being able to work through to find out what does work for you but there is an unwritten acceptance that as much as I am in tune with you we may have to find some things that don’t work before we find the things that do. That’s the nature of exploring and I am happy to do this as long as it’s an honest open two way communication.

In some cases especially when the session is complex and a long session, I even go as far as to delve a little deeper asking what worked for you in the past and more so what didn’t and for those that have made the effort to do detailed sharing with me this has enabled me to put together something really unique and special that works on their core erotic theme, the things that really work for them. I am looking for the theme that runs through the peak turn ons and identifying what the theme is then adding something that stays within the same theme to bring something new and exciting. I love doing this as it is challenging but also rewarding. I tend to only do this for longer sessions or sessions with a deposit on them as it is a lot of pre session work.

So even if your requests are simple and you like me in black stocking, high heels, lingerie and tight little dress please do let me know its important that I get it right and your input helps me do that. After all you wouldn’t walk into a restaurant and say just give me whatever you want would you? If you served deep fried mars bar with pink sherbert I don’t think you would be too keen when what you really wanted was steak on chips. You get the point…

Just one note on this though if your session is 6 weeks away I will welcome text and email of what you like not a long drawn out phone call after long drawn out phone call. I will come back to you nearer the time and double check I have it right and maybe make some suggestions. It really helps if you could appreciate that if I am functioning at this level of intensity every day I tend to be focusing my attention on where it needs to be and that is today. I am sure you would not like to arrive at your ever anticipated date with me and find my attention has been drawn somewhere else to something that is not happening for 6 weeks that would not be fair on you and I want to make sure that when you walk through the door my focus is one hundred percent on you because after all you deserve my full attention and I for one want to make sure you have it.

So please I welcome requests and communication before our time together preferably by text or email and a phone call if needed. I will then work on your session to give you the very best but this does not mean email after email for weeks on end. In fact I really don’t like that as email after email each with a little bit of information on gets confusing. One well though out put together email or text is perfect and if I have any questions I will come back to you. There is a fine balance here between getting it right with good quality information to been swamped and inducted chichis not positive.

I am a firm believer of what you put in you get out and work to that ethos so I encourage you to put in quality requests and desires which i can work to not detailed scripts full of expectations this would not be conductive to our precious time together.

As always any questions please do email me I would be happy to answer sensible and thought provoking questions.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort - Sensual GFE and Erotic Arts Temptress… xx