Big or Small? by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Big or Small?

Whenever I ask a man to recall the one trait that made the sexiest woman he ever knew so alluring invariably he tells me it was her self confidence and assurance Some women know they are hot and you see it in every move they make. My friend Chris in not conventionally beautiful but sexual electricity crackles around her. Self confidence is erotic to some people.

Forget about the extra inch around your mid riff if you think your breasts are to small try feeling proud of them because they are so sensitive to the touch or because your nipples are provocatively pink. I told a lover that I thought my breasts were too small and I was considering breast enlargement surgery He immediately cried out you mean those sexy cute little titties that light on fire so good, OH NO please leave them the way they are and then he hurried me to the bedroom so he could suck on them for the next two hours.

I f you believe you are the answer to a mans dreams he will believe it too. I believe I can drive a man really. Wild and do many times as some drive me wild too.

Kristina: Born to drive men wild xx