Booking in advance and cancelled appointments by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Booking in advance and cancelled appointments

It’s been way too long but it is so good to be back. Just a very polite reminder to book in advance as I am already booked up the first two weeks back and booking up quickly for August and even booking in September now. I guess it is nice to be missed. I am more than happy to send my advance booking availability for anyone looking to book which is my up to date list of days and times I have availability just drop me a line and I will send it for you, it currently runs through to the end of September.

The other options are to let me know when you would like to visit and I will make a note and contact you if I do get a cancellation for your preferred date and time or alternatively you could call me around 9.45am on the day to see if I have had any cancellations as I do confirm all my appointments for the day by 10am.

Just a word as I am so busy I am really toughening up on time wasters so if you have made an appointment before and then not turned up or confirmed on the day then I will not be able to pre book you unless you pay a deposit.

Also if you have pre booked appointments and cancelled them in advance twice then I will not be able to pre book you without a deposit as I am not confident that pre booking will work for you. The exception to this are my regulars who after lock down I know exactly who they are as I do accept that things do come up which mean you need to cancel.

I am trying to make this as fair as possible and make sure my time is not wasted as its quite staggering the amount of time wasters in this industry and its such a shame for genuine people to miss out because of time wasters. So please only book if you are sure you can make it.

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