Breathe…... by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort


The clocks have turned back and it’s the dark nights, its time to get cosy and where better then to lose a few hours than in my bedroom cosy by the fire exploring some of the delights of your own sexual potential and your body and mine  Experiencing places you have not been before and giving yourself permission to go deep into enhanced sexual arousal.

Many of you who have had the pleasure of my company in the last few months will have heard me say at the crucial time ‘don’t forget to breathe’.  Its amazing what this does how it increases the sensitivity in our bodies to feel more.  Most of us just breathe to stay alive but the breath is one of our autonomous systems that we have conscious control over.  I have come to discover that when we change the breath the magic happens.  For me it is the place where presence, excitement and expansion come together to take ourselves into higher and enhanced states of sexual arousal. I won’t bore you with the science but the breath has the potential to delay ejaculation, increase blood flow to the genitals and enhance erectio,not to mention brining more conscious awareness to our genitals.  Conscious breathing has the ability to bring you into a deeper sense of pleasure and more intense orgasm among many other amazing benefits.  Needless to say when I get curious about something I want to know more so I am enrolled on a course which goes really deep into breath work and the science behind it.  I always aim to bring the very best to my sessions and in order to do this I recognise I need to be trained and have a real understanding of what I am doing in order to take you further. 

An invitation to the pleasure seekers among us and I don’t know anyone who does not want more pleasure and sexual pleasure to explore your full potential and push your pleasure ceiling to the maximum possible reaching new highs.  The more we breathe the more sensitive our bodies become and the more pleasure we can feel and who does not want that.  I see a lot of people who hold their breath during intense sexual pleasure and contract, and while there is nothing wrong with this it is the way we have come to learn how to orgasm, a simple change to the breath at the right time can change the whole experience to one of more pleasure and more intense orgasm. I am aware of the reasons that not breathing may happen and it is through this awareness that I am able to push through the challenges with you if you feel this is something you wish to explore.

Here is the invitation to get into the breath and don’t be afraid to get noisy with it, anyone who has spent time with me will know that I use my breath a lot to enhance my own pleasure and connect more into presence. The more present I am the more pleasure I feel and the more I am able to resonate with you as my capacity to feel expands.  It simply is such a simple tool that brings amazing results and I am very happy to share it with those sexual adventurers that want to expand their capacity to greater pleasure.

Kristina J Huddersfield Escort and Sexual Adventurer