BRISTOL - ITS GREAT TO BE HERE by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort


Hello Sexy Bristol people

I am Back!!!

It is great to be back In Bristol for a week, driving down the M5 on a windy Sunday evening feeling like I was coming home. I do love it down here, it is almost like I have come to a foreign climate as it’s so much warmer than ‘up north’ I should have packed my summer clothes. I have not had the opportunity to venture into the Centre but I have been nipping in and out of Weston Super Mare, no I have not been playing video games on the pier!!!

Meeting up with some familiar guys has been fantastic and a great opportunity to catch up, I know you all thought I disappeared but here I am back again larger than life and better than ever. Oh how I have missed you all and I am looking forward to seeing some more very special guys throughout the rest of the week. I have had great fun this week and long may it continue. I will of course be making Bristol a regular stop on my tours across the UK of which I have many planned for the future.

During the summer while I lived here I took the opportunity to have a wander round Brunels, SS Great Britain moored in Bristol Harbour. What a fantastic example of Maritime History she is. It was great to do the tour and imagine how life mush have been on the worlds first Steel Hulled passenger steam ship. I simply cannot imagine how the people of Bristol must have felt when she was returned to her home city after been moored in the Falkland Islands and used a coal store. She looks much better taking centre stage in Bristol Harbour. If you are ever in Bristol take a few hours to marvel at her historic beauty and engineering genius and you will not be disappointed.

I have tucked myself up in a very cosy hotel which is lovely and has some stunning views although after been in Yorkshire for a few months it’s quite flat down here. My car has been thinking it’s going to have a heart attack with all then stunning Yorkshire Hills in and around Huddersfield. The scenery up in Yorkshire is simply stunning, I can see why they refer to Yorkshire as Gods own country.

So thank you Bristol for giving me such a warm welcome back to one of my favourite City’s in the UK and I will be enjoying my time here till Saturday when I have to head back up the M5.

Thank you Bristol

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxxx