Bucking Bronco by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Bucking Bronco

Hi all you fun lovers or just lovers hope you are thriving, ducking and diving you know the kind I mean.  

If you remember a few weeks ago we had some rather nice hot weather, my friend invited me to a barbecue which I was up for,  I love Barbecues all the smells and the sizzling of those hot rump steaks and pork loin really gets me going all covered in the chefs special sauce (wtf).

I was later informed it was a cowboy/girl party sounded good to me all those cowboys wearing chaps with their bottoms showing and believe me there was some kick arse bottoms showing,  I nearly choked on my spicy artisan sausage, reminded me of the night before last when I nearly choked on a different kind of sausage  (that is another story).

The evening was going well couples kept disappearing and coming back (I wonder why)!! Drinks were flowing especially the Budweiser and the Jack Daniels then surprise surprise out came the Bucking Bronco that was the strippers name he was also sat on a Bucking Bronco,  50.00 was offered to anyone who could sit on the Bucking Bronco for five minutes if not they had to give Bucking Bronco the stripper a blow job, I think he went home red raw!! No one got the 50.00!!!

As I do not drink I decided NOT to try out the Bucking Bronco not even to give a blow job sometimes I can be a spoilsport.   I did leave with a chap who was wearing some rather revealing chaps I will leave the rest to your imagination.  

Kristina J Hold on to what makes you happy and if it tries to buck you off hold on even tighter xx