Butt Plugs Why by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Butt Plugs Why

Butt plugs are one of those things where they start off as a joke, but then your realize there are a million different types of them, so there must be something great about them, and there is. Adding in butt plugs is a fairly easy way to explore new sensations with my clients and most butt plugs also look super adorable, butt plugs really go with any sex act, since they serve to increase your sensations and pleasure, I start small and work my way up. Using lots of lube, inserting it until the base/handle is sticking out and make sure it has a large, sturdy base so it doesn’t get stuck.

Why a Butt Plug many reasons but first, primarily because they feel amazing! Many of. My clients find the sensation of fullness and pressure from a butt plug to be very stimulating. Which leads to the next point Butt plugs don’t discriminate. Yes they get a bad rap and have a comical name, but everyone’s got an anus and is capable of receiving stimulation in that part of the body. They can help open up to prepare for anal sex with a strap-on or penis.

The inherent simplistic nature, even the name implies exactly how it works and what it’s doing. It doesn’t play music or light up or link to social media or get caught up in unnecessary bells and whistles. A butt plug is exactly what it says it is, and some clients appreciate that.

The ease of use no hands needed even though all it does is stay put in the ass, it keeps on working the whole time no need to keep moving it in and out put it in and let it work its magic. To have a secret, naughty thrill no one else knows about while carrying on with your day. Some of my clients wear them out in public while running errands or even at work because it makes everything seem a little more pleasant to them.

Some use butt plugs as a tool in Dominant/submissive relationships in which the Dom requires the submissive to insert a plug and keep it in until allowed to remove it. Due to the historically taboo nature of anal pleasure, it can be quite humiliating for someone to surrender such an intimate and private part of the body to the control of another person. That is another story.

Butt plug is a dowel inserted in the anus in order to dilate it so it becomes more adequate for anal intercourse. According to some sources, it was very common in the 18th century.

Remember everyone is not perfect everyone’s Ass has a crack in it.

Kristina K xx