Can Santa have sex appeal? by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Can Santa have sex appeal?

Hi hope you are all staying safe!! The 7th day of the last month of this year is here and we all know what it means – time for some much needed Christmas cheer. While some people take Christmas obsession to heights such as hanging decorations the moment December is in, you'd be surprised at how far this cheer can go.

There's no Christmas without Santa, and for some people, there's no pleasure without him either. That's right; Santa fetish is a real thing – known as Santaphilia, and it does restrict to just your regular sitting on Santa's lap kind of fun, come sit on mine if you are not too heavy maybe if you have been naughty a spank or two!!

While fetishes aren't exactly that uncommon, certain types of them do get way too bizarre every now and then. Like this one. A particular friend of mine a male had revealed, "On average, once per night, someone would sit on my lap and whisper the filthiest, x-rated description of what she was going to do to me when I "came down her chimney" on Christmas Eve.' I can do that for you!! 

One of my clients friends said  It helps that I'm generally attracted to older men, especially those who belong to the 'bear' archetype. 'Santa Claus could be regarded as what we call a "polar bear" in the gay community.  His most appealing features are definitely his beard and body type in my opinion." When you combine both Santa's physical attributes and his personality, you end up with a man, albeit fictional, who actually has quite a bit of sex appeal.'

But of course, it's nothing to panic about if one does have a thing or two for Father Christmas. these fantasies are harmless unless they turn into "full blown obsessions which begin to have a detrimental effect on a person's everyday life." So it's all good in the 'hood – as they say. Leave your socks out hanging and hope you get all your desired presents this year!

Kristina J  Let me Jingle your Bells xx