Can Slippers be sexy by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Can Slippers be sexy

Hi Guys do you wear slippers? Would you say they were sexy (probably not). I mention slippers as Christmas is coming. I and I am sure others always receive the obligatory slippers..

... and sometimes dare I say it the Fluffy Dressing gown. Although I am not ungrateful they are usually Granny slippers which to me, as I like to look Glam are very unappealing.

Just had a friend that picked up vintage marabou mules, and they are what I think of when I think classic sexy slippers with negligees. I think they are pretty easy to find via fredericka of hollywood or even vintage. Sexy satin slippers are basically lingerie for your feet! With lingerie, they’d be pretty sexy in my opinion! I sort of like fluffy leopard print, but sleeker. I think the Zsa Zsa look will be right up my alley.

I have recently discovered a passion for vintage negligees and but wandering around the house in heels can be a little silly. Then again, so is wearing my big fluffy leopard print slippers with a sexy sheer nightie. Socks are better but still, they don’t feel very sexy and they are most definitely NOT but they do keep your feet warm.

Kristina All sexy Slippers excepted xx