Car Sex…. by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Car Sex….

I thought I would share a funny story about my one time go at car sex.

This happened a few years ago before I had discovered my adventurous side. I had secured myself a date with a hot guy I had met at a music festival, (he was to go on the become my long time bf). I had dressed to impress and met him for a picnic, we had agreed a meeting point and I had arrived early. I heard his car rumbling in the distance before he drove into the car park in a fantastic 911 Porche Turbo.

Off we set to find a suitable picnic area in South Devon. Well it rained and it rained so we drove into Cornwall to find some sunshine. No joy although it was fun been driven around in such a sexy car! After Driving all day with the rain beating on the window we decided to give artmoor a try and drove u onto the moors in search of a secluded little sot…

We took roads off the main roads and down lanes before we found somewhere nice and quiet. Perfect smiling to myself, I know I would seduce this sexy man and have my wicked way. After eagerly eating my picnic, well I was keen to get on with the pudding, we finally got down to business. God I thought it would never happen there we were my legs spread on the dash enjoying my moment in the middle of Dartmoor no one for miles bliss.

hen… I got a feeling we were been watched strange I thought there is no one around and we decided to carry on thinking we were paranoid. After all we were in the middle of Dartmoor in a white Porche Turbo so of course we blended perfectly into the surroundings LOL!! Then all of a sudden there was lots of cheering and clapping and banging on the car roof. OMG a troop of Marines on exercise, not just one but a whole training core!!! OMG what to do. Well there is only one thing a girl can do and that is laugh and wave at them pretending to be miss inocent!!! Not even trying to hide my lady parts I waved as gracefully as I could and off they marched over the hill whopping and laughing as they went.

It turned out we had parked right in the middle of a military training ground how embarrassing but one thing I was sure of we made a whole troop of Marines Saturday afternoon exercise a little more interesting and I bet they all had a good laugh in the evening when they got back to base.

Doing my bit for the boys what can I say!!! It was good fun though although the next time we tried to get intimate we did it in the privacy of a recording studio with a band playing next door. Well you just have to live for fun!!!

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xx