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Catching up with Kristina J

Catching up with Kristina J by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Catching up with Kristina J

A quick catch up

Well its being a while since I had the luxury of sitting down and writing a series of extended blogs so first let have a catch up.

Maybe make yourself comfortable and grab a coffee or a glass of wine so we can catch up properly.

Well hello there sexy people, its being a crazy summer and I have being in Huddersfield most of it. I have being finishing my Sexological body work course and will quality as a Certified Sexologial Bodyworker next week, so what does that mean for me I hear you ask?

Well its about having a base training and deeper understanding of aspects around sexuality and embodiment which I can pick form my ever growing list of skills and implement into sessions.

Firstly though let me make it very clear I will not be practicing sexological body work or offering sexological body work sessions. I have done the training to make what I do better and have deeper understanding myself of the work that I do. So this means of you that I have an extended amount of resources to pull across all the services and options I offer. It also gives me some credibility in what I am able to offer and you know when you are with me its not just about the actions but I have awareness of the underpinning thoughts and feelings and I will be working with you to get you the very best of me and also the very best of you and who knows in the process you may just learn something…

My next course is Betty Martins – Like a Pro which is all about consent a subject very close to my heart. Again this is about empowering you in your experience and making our time together safe, consensual and enjoyable for both of us. Its about learning what you really want and the different intentions behind the touch. Most of all its about learning to touch properly and consciously within your boundaries so again you get what you want and your needs are met. But touch is just touch I hear you say, well let me share a little secret it’s not there is a lot more to touch than meets the eye and to get a real quality in touch you have to flip a few processes on their head and do the opposite of what you are used to and when you do that’s when the touch becomes such quality you can feel the difference…..

I am often told I have an amazing touch and yes I do because I am aware of it but also I am aware of the detail in it so when I touch you how you want to be touched you are receiving fully present, focused touch, isn’t that what every one would like??

I had someone say to me over the summer that they would love to come and see me but there were worried in case I did what I wanted to do to them and not what they wanted to receive, they were worried I would to be able to help myself and slip into BDSM or Dominant role. From this statement I learnt a lot about this person and the big thing screaming out is that they have not being heard in asking for what they want in the past. This is so common ask yourself have you always being heard and honoured in asking for what you want? Every single one of us has received touch we don’t want at some point in our lifetimes and slipped in to the I am willing to receive this rather than I want to receive this. Yes guys I can tell the difference between when you are in your ‘willing and enduring’ and when you are in your ‘want’. It’s my intention to make sure you only receive what you want to receive and I don’t overstep the boundaries because as soon as that happens touch becomes non consensual and that becomes at best violation. So for all you who are worried that I will just ‘do what I want to you’, please be aware that I won’t I will help you find your voice to ask for what you want tap into your desires. Of course if anyone asks me to do anything that is outside my realms of consent then I know how to say no. So for example someone asked me to put a rope round their neck and strangle them. Clearly this is a no for me given that is anything happens I am responsible and I don’t want get myself in trouble.

I watched a film called ‘Ex Dominatrix over the summer and this brought home how easy it is for things to go wrong even with all the protocols in place things can go wrong and this is a worse case scenario where a Gentleman died in session. I took a few lessons from this film and I know some of you think I am over the top when it comes to your safety but its for this reason I am. While you are here you are my liability and if anything happens to you during play and because of play then t becomes my liability and we are talking now about BDSM play. So for this reason and with my new knowledge on consent I have changed a few things that I offer. Breath play being one of them, while I am happy to go to my limits I am not happy to go over them, poppers I will allow in session but you have to give them to yourself and I need to be away from them as I have had recently an extreme reaction to them where I ended up in hospital when someone else was taking them. Anything other than that such as Nitrous oxide I don’t allow in sessions any more its not worth it.

So moving on what have I got coming up, I am in Huddersfield for the next few weeks then away and looking forward to my Bristol tour, followed by a week intensive Tantric training. This will be my last Tantric Training for a while as I feel I am at a stage where I have learnt more than enough about Tantric Massage. I plan to pick it up again in 2020 but for now I more than happy and there is plenty more to learn of other things.

Because of my interest in Energy work and play and some of the amazing experiences I have had I will be pursuing this over the next year or so. I am just sorting out dates for Lomi Lomi massage training in Australia, and hope to bring this delicious close body massage into some of my sensual sessions. For anyone who does not know what Lomi Lomi is please take a while to google it on the internet.

Early next year I go to the Global Tribal Gathering in Panama, all I can say is I must be mad. Originally there were 3 of us going now there are 7 and the numbers are growing. So what is the Tribal Gathering I hear you ask. Its basically held on a secluded Caribbean cove in Panama, camping where the jungle meets the sea for 18 days and 18 nights. I am hoping there will be some nice showers but I have being told to take a watering can just in case. Attending there is a representation from 60 indigenous tribes from across the world that teach their way of life. This is a bit of a personal challenge for me but I am very interested to learn about different cultures and ancient cultures and teachings that have being lost in our society. I have a feeling it will be full of weird shit, but I love the weird shit and it teaches me a lot about myself and gives me a realisation of the world we live in.

I have also being involved in putting some workshops and seminars together which has also being keeping me busy and also creating and facilitating the embodiment past of some motivational training.

So with all this going on and coming up its being hectic but life is fun and it has given me the base to dive much deeper into the world of sexuality and eroticism.

So with a wide range of diversity in services and training things can only get even better than they already are and the fun can only continue. Its being a journey so far and there is plenty more to come..

So now we you have caught up with me I hope you enjoy my up coming blogs..

Kisses Kristina J – Huddersfield Escort