Chicken Fillets not for eating by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Chicken Fillets not for eating

Hi you lusty lovers hope your world is bright and beautiful just like me!

A special friend of mine (a lady) invited me to a summer garden party there would be a barbecue and a dance area and bar, of course but not being a drinker I would be more interested in the food and a bit of the the old disco dancing,  shake a tail feather as it were trying to impress with my wriggly hips and a bit of twerking,  telling lies about the twerking my bum is not big enough!!

My friend came round to pick me up looking gorgeous as she always does, she was in a bit of a state as her dress was rather big around the bust area not to worry she said I bought a bigger bra and some silicone inners, (slang chicken fillets thats what they look like)  are they safe I said and comfortable, yes of course was the reply.

We arrived at the  venue found a seat and  looked around for some hot males (there were many) the DJ  a hot bit of stuff  asked for any requests my friend shouted twist again Chubby Checker WTF she dragged me on to the dance floor.   Dancing with my friend one fell out so we quickly got off the floor 10 mins later this drop dead gorgeous man walked over and inquired if it was hers (embarrassed) she said yes It turned out he was the DJ and had seen it drop out, they are now friends with benefits.

Kristina J:  Beware what you put in your bra!! X