Cruising with Kristina-J by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Cruising with Kristina-J

Cruise ships are part of the hospitality business which is the business of pleasure. YES. It’s a vacation. People paid money for it. They’re gonna do it… often. And loudly. As long as you don’t break any headboards you should be alright as far as noise.

Nautical Naughty

My friend went on a cruise simply to have sex with the crew it turned her on she told many sexy stories about nautical naughty. having sex while on a cruise ship

A Cruise Sock

A naval term describing the sock a sailor would take on board a ship while on deployment to masturbate into. By the end of the ship’s cruise, the cruise sock would be rock solid.

  • Hey, what’s this piece of plastic doing in your drawer?
  • It’s not plastic, it’s just my cruise sock

Cruise Ship

A place that has everything you can do on land, but with the added excitement of possibly sinking or drowning.

There’s a reason cruise ships are associated with sex. Free-flowing tipples. Sun-kissed bods. Friends you’ll never see again. So don’t ask why people feel the need to make the ‘wild’ most of their holiday tan but how. The real query is why your grandparents are so embezzled by The Cruise Sensation, but we’ll leave that for another day.

As reported many cruise ships possess a “hidden area where staff indulge in parties wilder than Vegas and guests have no idea what’s it really like to work and live on a cruise ship, Every night is a Friday night and every morning is a Monday morning. Every day is ground hogs day.

Oh it’s not just staff. As respondents revealed in a poll conducted by cruise company Royal Caribbean, cruise-goers are just as apt to indulge, with 99% of the 1,000 people surveyed saying sex was their favourite cruise activity, 62% saying they had better sex at sea, and 52% saying they were more likely to have sex on a cruise ship than on land.

Kristina J Time to get ship faced and nautically naughty xx