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Dressing for Halloween

Dressing for Halloween by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Dressing for Halloween

Halloween a celebration where little kids dress up and get Candy, teens dress up, get drunk, and go get candy, and adults dress up, get drunk, and give out candy, funny how things all work out.

As Halloween is nearly upon us I still need to look good therefore I had a selection of black dresses that would look good for any occasion, that said I am waiting for an invitation to a ball. (Not hinting of course) Broom stick is ready.

Intended to be long-lasting, versatile, affordable, accessible to the widest market possible and in a neutral colour. Its ubiquity is such that it is often simply referred to as the LBD.

The “little black dress” is considered essential to a complete wardrobe by many women and fashion observers, who believe it a rule of fashion that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion: for example, worn with a jacket and high heels for daytime business wear or with more ornate jewelry and accessories for evening or a formal event such as a wedding or a ball (A Halloween Ball)

I for one love the Little Black Dress and I have more than one, I always feel good and it stands out in a crowd simply elegant one is never over dressed or under dressed in a Little Black Dress. Every woman should have at least one black dress. Black travels to any destination and can be dressed up or down, that goes for the under wear too.

Kristina J Women who wear black lead colourful lives xx