Edible undies by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Edible undies


Hi Guys hope you are all keeping safe I do miss you and hope we can meet again soon. I have found something I can do while isolating it may even be the start of a new business venture (if I had time). Edible undies take me back to a time long ago

I visited an old friend of mine after a couple of drinks one thing led to another. He took off my knickers (g string) and he ate them, I know I could not believe it they were not even the edible kind, he just chewed and swallowed, it really freaked me out so I walked home and to top it off I was wearing a skirt and it was bloody freezing!!!

This year, why not take matters into your own hands…or your mouth? Two words: edible underwear. De-stress, deepen your emotional bonds, laugh and feel the wellness. Sex can be delicious, and even more so when the sweet stuff is sitting in the right place. Here are 2 delectable recipes for do-it-yourself edible undies.

Cookie Bra What will you need? First, some plaster strips. They come in a box Next, follow the instructions and make a plaster mold of your chest. Once that’s done, cover the shape with aluminum foil and place your cookie dough over top. Bake and decorate!

Red Liquorice

You knew this was what that red lace licorice really was for. The recipe requires some knitting skills, so if you’ve got those, hey, you’re good to go.

So, this is all great but what about the men? Of course, these recipes can be used to make a man’s G-string underwear as well- no gender specifications, here. Whatever gets the you going and if these don’t seem like something for you, why not try some good old peanut butter or chocolate sauce.

Kristina J get munching. Edible undies even during sex we cannot stop eating xx