Enjoy a Slice! by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Enjoy a Slice!

Happy New Year to all my lovely sexy boys and ladies, hoping to see you all in the New Year enjoy the holiday, let us bring in the New Year with a bang or a few bangs.   I hope you are all staying safe and for those who can go out make it a Big Bang!! 

I have often been told by health experts that sugar is poison I  a am not a health expert,  probably it is, but surly. In moderation it is ok. 

I must admit I do like a cake now and again, on that note I make sure I go to the gym (when it opens) I like to look after this hourglass figure of mine and I can be as tempting as a a slice of cake. 

To be perfectly honest, who doesn’t like cake? From those stressful days at work to those fun festive parties, cake has always been there for us. But every new year, come January, we abandon its fluffy filling in hope of shedding a few pounds, leaving it to dry up in the shop window. Like everything, cake is good for you in moderation.  

Kristina J.  New Years Resolution have more sex with me of course xxx