Erotica Part 1 - Introduction x by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Erotica Part 1 - Introduction x

Well where do I start this story??

Back it our gorgeous summer of 2013 I was taking an afternoon off work to rush around town doing a few girlie things, I was making my way back to the Micra bags in hand lol - I got everything into the car and started to reverse out of the space when "BANG!" wtf? omg some coffin dodger has run into to my little gem of a car was my first thought. I got out of the car and walked around the back of my car to see the most delightful tall athletic handsome chap wearing ripped jeans, a scruffy T-shirt and work boots. My eyes blinked in surprise not to mention wow he’s drop dead gorgeous, His huge pickup truck had smashed into my little gem. His first words were "what do you think you were playing at there lov" I stood my ground to begin with but soon became overwhelmed and started to shed a tear, he softened and said look I think it could be 50-50. He then said look if you like I could be able to sort the damage out at my garage if you can leave your car with me a few days……..

To be continued