Erotica Part 4 - A drive out to the Huddersfield Countrysid by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Erotica Part 4 - A drive out to the Huddersfield Countrysid

Well he is stood on my door step waiting, I thought to myself my next appointment will be here soon, panicking a little I said I would get the car the keys and that I was expecting my financial advisor any minute and explained I was running late. I smiled sweetly and asked, “Can you take the car for a spin and call back later when I'm not so busy about 5.30pm?” Sure enough 5.35pm the doorbell rang, There he was standing in front of me, my heart skipped a beat!! “Hello again Kristina I took your car around the block then back to the garage but I couldn't hear anything”,

I was ready for him this time " I thought you may say that, If you take it out again now I will come with you and tell you where the noise is coming from". “Ok” he replied in a very cool way, “I've not got much time as I have to be somewhere else”, he explained. It was a beautiful warm summer night, I told him to drive and we got into the car. It’s sometimes a struggle getting in to the car with a mini skirt on but I had a good reason to slip in lol. Head up I looked over and confessed, “the car doesn't really make the noise when you are driving around town its when I am driving on country roads it starts” . I thought to myself here I am I have this tall sexy guy in my car I'm a strong confident professional lady a slight tremble in my knees, 

I directed Mr Very Sexy Indeed out onto the quiet country roads "I still can’t hear anything?" he quizzed. My mind was elsewhere and I was concentrating at his sexy body and to be honest I didn't hear what he had just said. I slipped may hand on to his thigh looked him in the eyes as asked him to repeat himself. He jumped as my hand made contact with his thigh and swerved, hitting the breaks the car came to a stop at the side of this wooded area. My mind wandered and I started to think of us getting out of the car and walking off into the tree and finding a nice grassy area to take total advantage of Mr Very Sexy Indeed. Thinking of the wild and naughty fun we could have in the evening sun out in the trees, I found my hands exploring his body mmmm. I was disturbed with the words and his voice saying "What you doing Kristina? Omg I opened my eyes we were still sat in the car my hand was just to the side of his swollen groin, Kristina "What are you doing? I'm just here to check your car out?”. I tilted my head to the side – “Really?” “Well that’s got to be a first”. 

I had obviously read him wrong hadn’t I, so suggested we drove back to mine. I was beginning to think he's not interested but when we got back and he was heading to his pickup he turned around and said “I'm sorry about before but it’s just not the right time, If you have any more problem with your car or if your squeak re-appears give me a shout” with a smirk on his face.

To be continued………

Kristina Yorkshire Escort