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Eroticism and Sexuality

Eroticism and Sexuality by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Eroticism and Sexuality

Difference Between Sexuality and Eroticism defines the division between sexuality and eroticism as similar to the difference between animals and human beings:


When you feel that you feel, as if you’re rising to heaven. It’s something that you want to feel everyday, and something that will stick with you all your life. When you see it, your dick will harden or your vagina will become wet. Eroticism implies sex as a vibrant and transcendent experience. A place you go inside yourself with another.


Is just one of those things you are born with, you do not choose it, its just part of who you are, whether you be physically, emotionally and sexually attracted to males, females, or even both. only you can truly know your sexuality becuase no-one can feel the things you feel except yourself. some people think that if you are anything except heterosexual then you are abnormal or have a disease, but this is not so, people should except you for your sexuality whether that be heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual the people who dont accept homosexual, bisexul or transgendered people are just afraid of change.

Animals have sex and it is the nature, it is the primary urge, it is the instinct, it is procreative. Humans have an erotic life. We transform sexuality . We socialize sexuality through our imagination and the central agent of the erotic act is our creativity, our imagination, or ability to renew, our ability to anticipate… We can envision the act without having to actually enact it.

Pointing to novelty as another important piece of the sexual erotic divide. Novelty is not about wild positions, but rather what you as a participant bring to the experience: emotion, lust, passion, spirit. You cannot force creativity like you cannot force desire. You can force people to have sex, you can never force them to want it.

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