Escort Services for Women by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Escort Services for Women

Why should it just be men that have all the fun woman are also very welcome.

In the last few years I have seen a growing demand for escort services for Women and have a number of regular women visitors who I really do treasure my time with.

As women are becoming more in touch with their sexuality and giving themselves permission to explore I have seen a rise in demand for female to female services.

I offer the full range of my services to women seeking professional sexual services and really listen to and embrace your desires, wants and needs. So what ever your reasons for visiting me whether it be intimacy, a desire for erotic touch, exploring the concept of surrender, empowerment, delving into power play, female to female tantric massage, or to explore your playful and sexual side it would be a pleasure to welcome you to my safe and secure space where you are free to explore yourself.

I will listen you your desires with sensitivity and work with you to empower you in your femininity and help you set and maintain healthy boundaries towards sexual encounters. I am very at ease taking you into your erotic journey in a soft and nurturing space, allowing you the freedom that you so crave and more important I will go at your place.

Some woman come to me because they what to receive erotic touch from another woman, other come to me as they want to explore with another women, others because they want to delve into kink and BDSM and choose to do this with a female dominant. Being bisexual I really do enjoy female / female play.

For some women they come to develop essential skills around sexuality including female empowerment. Reclaiming the feminine is a ritualistic approach to connecting with your inner feminine power using practices such as shamanic journeys and conscious explorations of sensual femininity and taking control of your own sexuality.

An area of work I have seen increase with women is consent and boundaries. As any human being it is important to be able to negotiate and communicate effectively our boudoirs without losing the flow or erotic play, learning to explore our own bodies and the body of our lover that is sensual, beautiful and empowering as we learn how to communicate and ask for what we want and learn the art consent. This is simply very powerful stuff and one of the most important aspects of sexuality I ever learnt and it gives me so much pleasure to pass it on to others. In order to say yes fully we must first be able to say no.

It may be that you wish to explore a female to female tantric massage and be held and nourished while allowing yourself to explore, feel and notice your sexual energy. Female to female touch in tantric massage is so affirming and nourishing and really takes away the pressure to be there for another person. As you give yourself permission to fully receive and indulge in sensual touch being fully met in your desires and needs.

Female female play, you may have wondered what it is like to touch and be touched by another woman, kiss and be kissed by another woman. You may be curious about this well I offer the perfect place for you to explore and after fully listening to your needs, desires and boundaries I am more than happy to take the lead with pre agreed boundaries as we explore each other together.

So ladies if you have been thinking about escort services by for women then look no further I would be delighted to meet you.

Kisses Kristina J - Yorkshire Escort