Expectations by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort


More than often I encounter massive expectations from my ‘special visitors’, and while I accept that some expectations are good too much expectation can be limiting.

I will encourage you to disclose your likes and don’t likes and this is something I am very open to, however to place mental expectations around the desires constrains the outcome significantly as it does not allow for expansion or to be in the moment and in essence restricts play and intimacy.

We are bound by our expectations and desires and this is not a source of freedom, to be totally free we need to let our expectations go and with this will come creativity without the pressure on yourself and others.

If a person is caught in the grip of expectations then they can become very demanding thus increasing mental pressure. It is difficult to understand the effect on others because when an individuals needs are so extreme to the last detail then it can cause frustration and friction when the needs are not met specifically as expected. There is one thing about asking for your needs to be met and another about controlling how your needs are met to the last finite detail.

Within a sexual encounter if the final result does not match the vision we had at the outset, or did not turn out as we had hoped then bitter disappointment can set in Try to remember to set yourself free to enjoy a much deeper experience and ultimately more fulfilling rather than just focusing on the end result.

We are bound by our expectations and desires and this is not a source of freedom.

There is so much more to sex and sexuality than the end result. As a professional Escort I get so much expectation placed upon me and I accept that to have expectation is part of the nature of the industry. I am just trying to point out that to let some of the expectation go then it makes for a much more satisfying time as creativity is allowed to flow.

Also it may be worth pointing out about flow, flow is the sexual energy between two individuals, in order to have flow then resonance must be allowed first. Sometimes it is difficult to resonate when there is a long list of precise, definitive instructions that ‘have’, to be followed in a specific order. This will make it very difficult to resonate and as such the interaction and flow will be somewhat limited, thus limiting the encounter.

Perfectionism often accompanies unrealistic expectations and when perfectionism is not met then often a person will demonstrate truculent behaviour.

Always within our session I will encourage the expansion of your sexual desires and sometimes tap into the hidden desires as that is where the real magic happens

There are occasions when precise expectations are met exactly as one would like, then what happens is the pleasure and satisfaction is only momentary. Almost straight away one will look at what they want next and how it should be fulfilled.

In regards to meeting expectations it may be better to set achievable and realistic goals. I will give an example in regards to my services. Here is a statement that is constrained within the limitations of expectations: -

‘In an hour appointment I would like to experience Tantric massage, BDSM, Tie and Tease and Cum 4 times’.

To break this down my immediate response is yes I can do all if these but you will leave unsatisfied for the following reasons:

There is too much expectation

The services requested are too much to cram into an hour

The quality will be lost by rushing through the experiences to fit it into an hour

After orgasm then energy falls significantly reducing the quality of the session for the rest of the session.

I would suggest:

Breaking it down so you can truly experience each segment individually if you wish to fully experience Tantra I would say it will take between an hour and an hour and a half to get any kind of result of energy movement.

In regards to BDSM I would not recommend a session less than an hour as it does not allow you drop into the session.

In regards to Tie and Tease I would also not recommend a session of less than hour.

If you want to Cum 4 times in a session that’s great but it may be best to stick to GFE as the energy will deplete each time you orgasm.

Alternatively I would suggest a longer session, a great mixture is to spend about an hour in a Tantric massage session to relax and get the energy flowing then move into a Tie and Tease, Bondage Massage, GFE or BDSM play.

Just a short note on separating Expectations and Expectancy

Expectancy helps us to be receptive and open to different possibilities – it has excitement and anticipation about it which are both great for charging a session which is full of sexual energy. Expectancy requires active participation and interaction.

Expectations has a more passive energy, waiting for the expectation to be delivered, with a preconceived idea of exactly how it should be delivered precisely. It does not facilitate active participation or expansion of sexual energy. If the expectation is not delivered to the pre conceived mindset then often one can feel disappointed.

I am always encouraging to receive your likes and dislikes, what you would like to experience and learn, what areas interest you, excites you and turns you on. Always within our session I will encourage the expansion of your sexual desires and sometimes tap into the hidden desires as that is where the real magic happens. I ask for active participation and feedback during the session of what is good for you.

On the other hand I do often get ‘special visitors’, who just say do what I like!! That is such a difficult situation for me given the nature and variety of what I am competently able to offer.

So to give you an example, of do what you like. Ok I will get my strap on out and then tie you up do some heavy impact play with breathing techniques, pierce your nipples attach some string then do a tantric breath orgasm while pulling your nipples. All the ‘special visitor’, wanted as a sensual GFE, with some intimate touch and oral both ways followed by a cuddle. See how wrong it could get? This is why I encourage you to give me an idea so I can match what I am doing to what you like. After all I would not go to a new hairdresser and say do what you like. When I came out with my hair dyed black and a boyish shot crop I would not be happy.

With tis in mind I will be creating a question sheet which will help me tailor each session more towards your desires but without attaching expectations.

Hope this makes sense and here’s to making the magic happen

Much Love

Kristina J - Yorkshire Escort xx

Kristina xx