Feel sexy and you will be by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Feel sexy and you will be

Hi all you sexy things hope Halloween sex is on your mind or just sex will do, plenty of trick and treats for you.  Enjoy the fun get out the broom stick and ride!! There is a lusty goddess lives inside most of us, let them out an enjoy. 

  • Radiate sexual confidence 
  • Concentrate on him 
  • Do unto him what he does unto you
  • See your sexuality as a sacred gift

Many great philosophers Have said that you are  what you think you are and certainly holds true for  sexiness even if you are not gorgeous  or slender or voluptuous even if you are not feeling particularly sexy at the moment.  Just conjure up your own sexy image, pretty soon you will feel sexy and therefore be sexy.  Send out warm  sensuous vibes a man cannot help but pick up and he will  not even realise you are a little too short or to broad or too fat or to skinny he will see you as his own personal sex goddess and in your sexy mood you will just naturally do and say wonderfully titillating things.  Your touch will be electric just the way you glance at his derrière  will make his temperature  and other things rise ( just the way he likes it)

Great sex does not begin with your body or your vagina great sex begins in your head while you are giving head but that is another story

Kristina J: I feel good when I am being sexy I want to make you feel the same way xx