Festivals and Phallic Symbols by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Festivals and Phallic Symbols

Hope all is well with you all. You are invited to the following party if you can find it. Sounds like a Friday night in some areas where I lived.

Most of our present day holidays are remnants of ancient festivals. These festivals served as a temporary relief from the burdens of a repressive labourious or tedious life. People were permitted to switch partners cross dress or go against any sexual taboo that controlled their behaviour the rest of the year. Ancient moralists condoned this temporary outlet of energy as necessary it was believed that if a person did not let their negative energy out in this manner it would surface in a more heinous or violent form.

DIONYSIAN An example

This was a festival; in honour of Dionysian the god of wine woman and men (he sounds ok to me) The festival began at sunset with a procession led by chariot torch bearers then followed by worshipers carrying wine and fruit, with the musicians and phalllus bearers at the rear oh err missus not what you want at your rear!!! All wore masks and scanty costumes of nymphs satyrs or other creatures.

Their songs and dialogue were deliberately sexual . When they reached the woods a pig was sacrificed roasted and then the feast began. The statue of Dionysian was brought out of its chest and soon all were disrobed Anal the orgy of men women and children began. This Greek festival was later introduced into Rome but because it became so violent that the Senate banned it in 186 B.C.

Kristina: Phallus bearers always welcome xx