First timers by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

First timers

I often get asked if I see first timers the answer is yes you would be very welcome here is some information that you may find both helpful and useful

Every adventure begins with a first step…

We all have to start somewhere and I recognise everyone has a different reason for coming to see me. Some to get sexual needs met, others to be in the company with a woman, others to explore their sexuality, she in need of connection and touch, some even don’t know why they come they just do. The one thing that I do say is you will only make it to my door when you are ready. I have known people read my blog and follow me on twitter for years before finally making it to see me. It does not matter what the reason is I just want to say all is welcome.

I understand it can be nerve racking meeting someone for a sexual liaison or erotic encounter for the first time, nervous excitement is natural and perfectly normal response. Fear of the unknown, fear of being naked and intimate with a stranger, not knowing exactly where you are coming to all the questions that run through your mind, so the purpose if this blog is to out your mind at rest and give you some reassurance.

My intention is put your mind at ease as well as to give you some resources so you can check me out and make sure I am really who I say I am. A lot of people who have never visited a lady like myself have many assumptions that the work I do is seedy, you will be seeking up a back alley to see me and worry about walking past people. The house will be a mess and I won’t be the person you have seen on the website an whole load of other thoughts that go though your mind acting as a barrier to enjoyment and pleasure. These thoughts could not be further from the truth. So lets start with me I am passionate through and though about what I do and about my reputation that I have built up over the years below is a link to my adult work site with over 800 positive feedback and over 80 field reports. I would urge anyone who has any doubt about me being who I say I am to take the time to read through the feedback and field reports.

Adult work page adult work profile

Now that’s just the start I would also advise that you check out my trainers the sexuality exerts across the world who I have trained with, this will give you an idea of the quality of service you will receive especially if you have an interest in Tantric massage, erotic massage, BDSM, Kink, and fetish play.

My training - Training

Also check my listing in the Urban Tantra Professional Training Directory - This is for people who have completed the Urban Tantra training and are part of the Urban Tantra community an international community of people who work in the sex industry.

Link to - Urban Tantra Professional Training Listing

Also check out my website designer and the other people who he has worked with. My site is professionally put together I invest a lot of time and money into it and if I am not who I say I am would I work so hard to create such a fabulous resource of erotic stories, fun blogs and educational content?

Link to - 69 design my website provider

So I hope that gives you some assurance that I am who I say I am and I offering a professional escort service and also I have some credible training behind me to really deliver a first class escort service and not only that but I am endorsed by one of the world leaders in sexuality Barbara Carrellas the founder of Urban Tantra and author of many books including Urban Tantra and Ecstasy is Necessary.

So let’s come one to address the myth that you will be scuttling up a back alley in a dodgy area and everyone will know where you are going. This really is a myth with me and again could not be further from the truth. You will be coming and welcomed to my beautiful home. It’s quiet and discreet and there is no one hanging around outside. You can park pretty much directly outside my house and no one will notice you come and go and its not over looked in any way, totally private which really allows for your discretion. Once inside its safe and secure with just the two of us there, its immaculately clean and has soft music in all the rooms we will be playing in. It is the perfect environment and really has the wow factor as well as setting the scene for what will be such a special time together.

There is a map on my website of the approximate location and I don’t give my full address out until you have arrived at the location, there are not people turning up randomly and its not on a busy hight street or in a town centre. I am located in a lovely part of town in a residential area but with no one over looking me and this is really quite special.

Map - Location

So back to me I am just a normal average lady who happens to know a lot of sex and sexuality I am down to earth, really easy to get on with, kind hearted, open and honest and I do invite you to ask me anything you feel during our time together. I am open about what I do and have a support network of friends and family around me. I have an all encompassing non judgement approach and welcome everyone as a human being with respect and integrity. I allow you to be the person you really are and even year set a goal that if I can have a positive impact on just one person I am doing what I set out to do.

I don’t discriminate against age so older gentleman are very welcome I do have a lower age limit of 21. I also don’t discriminate against race we all human after all and will be treat with compassion and humanity whatever race you are. I don’t discriminate about height either so if you are taller than me shorter than me it makes no difference. I also don’t discriminate against body size and looks that’s really not important what is important is the human being beneath it all, the person and the individual that you are. All I ask is that you are polite and courteous to me and I in turn will be polite back. it’s not much to ask but in this game it sometime does appear so. I really want to spend quality time with lovely genuine people and have amazing encounters its as simple as that.

So if you are new to this you are very welcome and will be welcomed as an old friend and recognised as a human being with sexual and sensual needs and put at ease almost as soon as you arrive by a lady who knows and understands your desires and creates a safe space for you to explore.

I have said it before but I will say it again. I singly love, as I get to know my lovely visitors and create a special professional relationship with them it really is like seeing my lover and one of the things I am really looking forward to after all this is over is reconnecting with my special loves and welcoming new lovers into my wonderful safe and sensual world.

Kisses Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort