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Froteurism by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort


To rub your Genitalia onto unsuspecting people or objects.

There is a fetish name for women who like to rub their vulva on objects. It is called from the French name frotteurism, means to rub.

I had a friend who could only and had ever only orgasmed from rubbing her vulva on the corner of a table. No other way.

Yes, many women get sexual stimulation from riding horses. The large majority of horse riders are women actually… many women also get stimulated riding a bike, or simply wearing tight jeans. All the little secrets that most men never take the time to inquire about. As always for the female orgasm to happen, it takes both, a stimulus and an interest in the brain to want to.

The clitoris is like a door bell, it rings in the upper floors and they will -or not- send someone to inquire and possibly open the door. Ringing the clitoris alone will not open the door if nobody is home.

Try rubbing the clitoris of a woman (with prior consent as always) who is in the deep sleep part, and you will observe that nothing happens. (Different story during REM sleep when the Sub Conscious is still aware and in control). Some people like a lot of visitors, some do not. Women can easily orgasm just from their mind but cannot orgasm just from their clitoris, the mind must be involved.

Bring your own object we will compromise.

Kristina J Always a pleasure xx