Good Vibrations by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Good Vibrations

Hi you movers and shakers how about moving and shaking with me I have a new vibrator I wish to try out, I know it is not for everyone but some of my movers and shakers love to watch it being used in all the right places, I have the perfect place!!

Choosing a favorite vibrator can be tricky. While their endgames are the same, each toy has its own method for taking you across the finish line. The upside of having so many options is that it allows you to find the stimulation that works best for your body. The downside is that sometimes you want a Frankenstein vibrator that does it all: suction, g-spot stimulation, and vibrations. It's a rare combo that's been impossible to find—until now. 

One of my male visitors brought this amazing vibrator for me to try and give my opinion  You do not have to only use it for foreplay.  The Acvioo Clitoral Sucking Rabbit Vibrator  combines all the best parts of a rabbit vibrator and clit suction toy into the "holy grail of vibrators." Its sleek base has an ergonomic suction head that covers the clitoris and uses pulsating air waves to mimic oral play, while a vibrating arm with a ribbed head can be inserted inside the vagina for internal stimulation. Although it sounds like a lot, it gives the "most intense orgasmic experiences" of your life. 

Kristina K  What are you waiting for no auditions required move your body and shake your booty with me xxx