Guys ringing me asking for my address by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Guys ringing me asking for my address

Hello sexy

Well you would be amazed at how many guys I have had call me and ask for my address.Yes of course I am just going to give my address out to anyone who calls!!!If you believe that then you that then you may as well start believing in Farther Christmas is going to come down your chimney as you have more chance of that happening then phoning up asking for my address!!!!Remember guys respect both ways, it’s not difficult and your life and my life is so much easier for it.

Now I do appreciate that you do need to know where to come to when you have made a booking.All my bookings are confirmed by text on the morning of the booking.You will be given a post code nearby and then directed to my door from there.If you are ringing to make an enquiry or to plan your route then again this I understand and I will give you a nearby postcode or landmark to work to.

Please guys keep it simple after all I have the respect and discretion not to ask for your personal details nor to ask to questions that you would find difficult and I expect the same. I also do not go out or socialise in the local area or use the local gym so the chances of seeing me around are quite slim. Again its all about discretion.

Sorry to all my genuine guys there who know how it works, you really would be amazed if you were to walk in my shoes for a day.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxxx