Hair today gone tomorrow by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Hair today gone tomorrow

Hi Guys and Girls for those of you with hair you will know what I mean about your crowning glory, for those of you without hair what can I say, some men and ladies actually look very sexy with no hair remember Yul Brynner!!

Some will understand this when I say if my hair is not right I am not right, I could be wearing the most beautiful dress, shoes and bits of bling jewellery but if my hair is not right none of this matters, it’s all to do with the crowning glory that is my hair.
I have tried all of these colours but prefer my colour now and my hair is rather becoming even if I say this myself, of course I have wigs so I can be whatever colour you prefer.

  • They say blondes have more fun but that can depend on the blonde.
  • Brunettes say they have more but who knows
  • Red Heads have everything or so they say

Do men prefer long or short hair perhaps none at all (there are fetishes)? I personally love my hair style, in my mind and my friends we all think it is sexy.

Kristina J Love is in the hair let your hair down and have fun, I do xx