Halloween Dunkers by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Halloween Dunkers

Hi Guys lets do it lets have a little dunking/bobbing or a lot depending on your mood!!  

Yes its that time again HALLOWEEN hope its a good one after all that has happened this year we all need a good Dunking or just a bit of bobbing I am game for it all.  Happy Halloween dunkers and bobbers.

Time for fun and games   A  variation of the game required to race for the apples and the first lady to emerge with an apple will be the first to marry. A related superstition suggested that if a girl puts the apple she had bitten underneath her pillow, she would see her future soul mate in her dreams. 

Finding a husband (if you indeed want one) apples were being associated with romance. Hence, apple bobbing grew to be a popular ritual for young women to determine their potential beaus. There were different variations of the game. According to one set of rules each apple was assigned to potential lover. The bobber tried to bite the apple carrying the name of her interest. If she succeeded with the first try then they were destined to be together. Success at second attempt meant that they would court, but their love would fade and third try basically meant that forget and move on. Sorry. 

As a person, who refuses to stick my face to the water. We filled it with Vodka that is when the fun started


A form of foreplay that involves a man or woman taking a Macintosh apple, inserting it into a woman's vagina and attempting to retrieve it by only using his or her teeth.

Kristina J The best part of Halloween is how kinky we can be with apples xx